Hi all , its with a heavy heart to inform you , that it looks like we have found KHV in imported koi from Japan . This is in two ponds in the quarantine centre called the forge , and all koi involved will be put down . Although we are very sad , it also proves what we do in the quarantine period works , and we have prevented the decease getting to the shop , or customers and other dealers . As i say , the shop and the other quarantine centre called the Annex , are un affected . This will obviously be a massive blow to us financially , but as i have said before  we have stopped it in its tracks , and so for us , its business as usual . This is not me being callous , but when you heat ramp as many koi as us in the last ten years , we always knew this day was coming , hasnt made it any easier for us , but as i said , its our job , its what we do , and we have to move on . I woud like to say thanks for the overwhelming support we have , and since this happened , we have shipped in koi twice more , but not too the forge , and these are selling very well , so we hope the future is still bright for us . We are back in the shop today ( 27th Dec ) , and will open every day until Saturday , but only untill 2pm !