Super sale for three days this week, Thursday, Friday and Saturday in our main pond, and pond 1B. The main pond has nisai , sansai and yonsai. 1B has jumbo tosai from last year from Dainichi and Ogata. All koi in these two ponds will be around half price and must be collected. These ponds are around 16-17degrees. Sorry this is only open to visitors to the shop only.
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Its 11.30pm and ive just set my alarm clock for 4.45 for the early cab ride to the train station . Bags are packed and the pc is the only thing not packed away so i can check emails etc etc before i leave . Every time i arrive i get a call from a certain customer that i knew who loves how things work out here and always wants to know how i feel about the whole trip so im going to sum it up at the end of every trip . This year i always new the trip was going to be differant , things have changed at Gatwick koi so much over the last few years with us now having three facilitys , supplying to the trade and now even winning major awards at koi shows .( Which reminds me , congratulations to Ian from the Worthing section of the BKKS for winning GC at thier closed show before i left with a Kaneco shiro utsuri selected by us in the spring before last !) . It wasnt long before this would have an effect on what koi we would buy out here . This year more than ever i hope that all of you can see we have increased the level of koi we have purchased , even the breeders are remarking that they are hearing from other breeders about the koi we are buying , but i guess thats up to you folks out there to decide , you are the judge and jury on that one ! As for the koi , personally i feel some of the the breeders have left it late before they started harvesting , with some not even having harvested before we left , but saying that we havnt had any trouble finding the fish we needed to buy bar some customers orders , I know alot of you are still worried about the yen and are holding on waiting for it to rise befoe coming on a buying trip , heres some news , it gonna come back to what it was for a long time if ever , but to be honest with the changes in the way things work over here and the breeders understand the need for us to watch the prices , things arnt that much differant to what they were . The only thing that has really gone up is the shipping , and you only really notice that on the cheaper koi . If you are just reading this , please scroll down to see saturdays blog as i have done 2 today . also dont forget that ill be travelling for the next 24 hours so cant answer emails , but i will monday mornings , or ill be in the shop tuesday morning , but give me till after 11am to catch up on things . So to sum up , a very good trip as usual .Even with an emrgancy dash to hospital , bag getting stuck between train and platform and breaking , phone not working over here , 11 earthquaqes in one night , a major lossed sale due to another phone not working in the mountains in time to reserve a koi , nine orders not being found , it was still one of the best buying trips ive ever had . High lights , once again so many to mention , Torazo selling us all some stunning koi at very resonable prices , Buying 4 very high class tategoi at Sakai ( which will appear in the KIJ section when i get home ) to leave in Japan for up to three years to grow to the right size for competeing for gc at koi shows in the uk . Shinoda , a breeder we havnt used for ages supplying some very good koi at very good prices , in fact so good i have sold half before i have even left Japan , the meal with Sakai was just unreal ,watching the koi coming off the truck at sakai and being able to select through them then and there ! finding amazing one off fish like the shiros at kawakami , yagenji and yamazaki .Getting some big chags at Marudo and two lovely showa , Finally my old mate Maruhiro san , all week i struggled to get the fish i needed out of him , we told him and then he came uo with the goods , even if it was right at the last minute , this guy gets bigger and better every year and mark my words , his gin rin Kohaku will be the talk of the world , all ready im seeing body shapes on them that not many can seem to match . So if you are thinking of coming to Japan , and read this and it seems that we are larking about and joking , we are , we enjoy what we do , every one who has travelled with us should tell you what a good time they had , but when the koi are bowled its all serious buisness and we work the onky way we can , to give customers no alternative to travel with any one else other than us around Niigata . Already we think we may have two trips booked for next winter so if yiu are thinking of it , get in quick while we have space .We are also looking at booking our trip for the all Japan show around end of January /February . Finally id like to thank the following people for making thsi trip possible , firstly Sue , and the Ginger chav and carl for keeping things going at home , all of the breeders who we enjoy working with so much , Rob , Chris , Alex and Ichi San , Ojiya hospital , Mark Gardener for being himself ! , Gary and Heather for helping make this one of the best trips ever ,7-11 shops , vitimin c and d drinks , and boss coffee for this late night entires on the blog , and finally of course you guys , the people who read the blog and face book who send the hundreds of messages that keep me going when im bloody tired and have doubts about my own sanity . Thanks to everyone , and i think the photo below sums everything up ..............see you for the All Japan trip !