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Good morning all , today the koi pages of the website , will all be reset to koi 001 , ready for our trip next week , so dont worry is you see no koi for sale , there is nothing wrong with the website . We still have many koi still in the sale , so if there is anything you like , just right click and save the thumbnail , and sent it to me on here . On Monday we will be very busy , remeasuring all remaining koi , and taking new videos and pictures . We do this every year , as the koi left are should be marked as one year older , so it gives us a chance to do that , and get some better pictures. Some of the koi we have here , im surprised havnt sold , but then again , looking at some of the pictures , i shouldnt be ! But Mondays pictures , should sort that out , more to follow about that ! Next Friday i leave for Japan , and you can follow my trip , and get an early view of what we buy at , or go to the site and click Japan blog , and then click Autumn 2018 .