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Having virtually a free afternoon , we headed down to Marusei , this farm is absolutley massive , and has every variety almost know to man ! After buying so many go sanke i decieded we needed some more koi in our section a of nisai , and this was always going to be the place to do it . First of all 30 nisai around 26-40cm , amazing range of varietys , yamabuki and mukashi ogons , ki goi , sanke , showa , kohaku, kin ki utsuri , matsuba ogon , mezo ogon and hi utsuri . After ruining more photographs we looked for some larger nisai . Last night i had an order for a kindai showa come in , so the breeder took us to another pond with mixed go sanke in around 45-55cm . A rough guide price was given and i was very pleased as two or three of the koi were of a very good standard . We havnt bought from this farm for a long time , but have spent many time laughing and joking with the familyover the years and it was time to get back in here , we soon has around 14 koi in various bowls , and then came the news i was expecting , every fish i had selected was at the upper end of the price range , so our agent done a skilled peice of negotiating and a price was agreed for ten or even better for twenty , struggling to get 20 i bottled out and took the ten that i was very pleased with , These koi werent sexed as the buiness here is done very quickley , i was told the mix was proberbly 50/50 male female , so i am going to price them up as unsexed , but guess what , ill sex them after quarantine , and the females will certainly be getting a price increase !!!!! video link

Photos in order ..............all the smaller nisai , four or more in a bowl due to that fact i was so tired it would speed things up ! Then the latrger nisai ...........Thats it from me , falling asleep into the lap top , ill try and do the eamils and then ill upsate the website when i wake up!