Next auction Thursday 25th July 8pm. All new tosai, just out of quarantine. Then Friday 26th 8pm, various koi new nisai and tosai.
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As former Chairman of the Professional Koi Dealers Association, Gary is very aware for the need of a good quarantine protocol. With the risk of KHV and sleeping sickness, we still believe along with CEFAS, that heat ramping is the only way of protecting our customers fish and ponds. PCR and other tests are fine if the fish are showing clinical signs of illness, then this may show up on these tests, but at the moment there is not a test available to show if a healthy fish is a carrier. Proof of this, is when we triggered KHV twice, no breeder was testing positive in Japan, while we were losing koi, in fact in the first case where the breeder was known, it took over a week for the authorities to find positive test after we had informed them!

All quarantine ponds are in two totally separate facilities away from the shop, so in both cases the infection was kept in the quarantine, and did not effect shop stocks, or customers. All fish are taken through our 6-7 week cycle, which involves two weeks at 24 degrees, and then chilled to 11 degrees, and then returned to 24 degrees for a further two weeks, all this is done using heat pumps with chill facilities, as well as heating. Koi are treated for all parasites,through out the process, and then released to customers, or moved to the shop. When you buy a koi from Gatwick Koi, you can be assured that it has been through one of the very best quarantines in the UK.

Most of our koi are hand picked by us, on our regular trips to Japan (covid permitting), or our trusted agents in Japan, who have over  100 years experience between us. We can supply anything from regular koi  at budget prices, right through to show quality at any standard, including shows in Japan. We are one of the biggest suppliers of  Japanese koi into the UK, and usually have more koi for sale on our website than many other dealers. We are also now building up a supply to  the trade, so if you are a licensed pet shop, please call the shop and speak to Gary.

We will soon be adding live koi auctions to the website, so please keep watching for further announcements.

Once a deposit has been placed on a koi, it is just that, a deposit that is non refundable under any circumstances, unless koi are damaged or lost in quarantine. Any koi left one month after quarantine ends, is left at the owners risk, unless with prior agreements, koi can be over wintered at a cost of £50, and terms to be agreed with Gary.

Azukari Koi: These are koi left in Japan to be looked after the breeder in a concrete or mud pond. Some breeders say that they are left at your own risk, which bearing the cost of these koi, is a little unfair. So for the first year we will guarantee the koi against death or wrong sex with a full credit note, or replacement koi, this is not dependant on what the breeder offers, this is the Gatwick koi azukari guarantee. Please note that we cannot guarantee the outcome of quality on a koi left in Japan, that is the risk balanced against the rewards of improvement.

Due to the cost of azuakri koi, we cannot offer any refunds, but as mentioned we will replace the koi, or issue a credit note for koi if lost or wrong sex. Please note that this is only valid for the first year, any koi left for a second year or more, is at the owners risk.

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One Of The UK's Leading Advocates In Heat Ramping

As most of you know by now, we are one of the countries leading advocates for heat ramping. Heat ramping means quarantine time can take 5 to 6 weeks, sometimes more, depending on the availability of chillers, in our two quarantine centres.
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The time needed for quarantine is to allow the koi to be taken up to 24 degrees twice and held there for a minimum of 14 days, then chilled down to 12/13 degrees. During this time, fish can be purchased but have to be left with us until quarantine has finished. Please note that koi left with us during quarantine is at our risk. If you wish to leave the koi longer, we will look after them for you, but it is at your risk.
Heat ramping is the best way that CFAS recommends to find viruses like KHV and other problems that can occur with koi. We have two separate facilities from the sales shop, so you can buy in confidence knowing that no newly imported koi are at the shop.
We are trying to install chillers on all our quarantine ponds, but this is an expensive process, so until then, we have to allow 24 hours for sterilization, so sometimes ponds can be a week late out of quarantine.

Trips To Japan To Hand-Select Koi

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All fish on sale at Gatwick Koi are Japanese and either hand-selected from the thousands we see during one of our many trips to the mountains of Niigata in Japan or by one of our trusted agents.
If you've considered visiting Japan and visiting all the breeders yourself in the hunt for your own koi, you'll be pleased to know that we often take groups and individuals to Japan with us. The trip will typically take around a week and will see an action-packed schedule that will see you visiting numerous breeders every day before heading back to the hotel.
You benefit from the fact that every koi purchased by you will be shipped and quarantined with the koi we are buying to the same standards! Get in contact if you're interested in visiting Japan with us.

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David A

Incredibly fast delivery (less than 24hrs), extremely well packaged and a pleasure to deal with. Will definitely order from again.

Anna Anna

Amazing stuff, very friendly owners Gary and Sue, loads Japanese to choose from. I have few from Gatwick Koi and they are well worth it. Popped in today and it was great all fishes looked healthy and have big appetite, waters nice and clear 👌 I highly recommend visiting and purchasing from Gary :)

Beatiful koi and Gary is a great guy

Cleaner Ponds

Great koi dealer full of knowledge and quality koi with a full selection.

Amazing shop. Plenty of stock, dry goods, food and treatments. Gary is very friendly and has an eye for perfection. Recommended place

Jamie Hills

Very knowledgeable and freindly Will be going back again soon

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