Next auction Friday 21st 8pm CRAZY £10 STARTS. Saturday 22nd is a little special, this years Dainichi tosai, all come with a breeders certificate. SALE ON LAST SEASONS KOI STILL CONTINUES.
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I've had many enquireys for Kanno koi since we went there the other day , so this morning we went to the high quality fish house looking for higher quality goshiki and go sanke . Once here , we videoed our azukari sanke that we had purchased the other day , i was impressed , she looked fantastic so took some pics and did the paperwork for her to stay in Japan , Had a look in two ponds , and a little disapointed as i couldnt find any goshiki that fitted the three orders i had for very high quality females , but how ever when i was broswing through the best pond i nearly fell in over reaching to get a look at a nisai maruten sanke .It has white skin that was unbelieveable , and a pattern to match ! I was a little aprehansive about asking the price , but to my surprise although alot of money , it was purchasable for me ( i know its not a great word , but it fitted! ) So after all i had hard about Kanno farms good fish house being crazy prices i was vey happy , so dont believe the hype , thisguy has some amazing koi , and im glad i took the chance to visit and buy two vey nice that i can look forward to seeing next October ! We then explained that we needed more sanke and goshiki , so went to another koi house . Here we were shown some nice nisai , a discusion took place aout may be purchasing 20 of them , he sad ok anda price was agreed ,then came the bad news , he had only an hour to spare , now any one who knows me , it can take ages to choose one koi and take a bad pic , let alone 21 ! Mark Gardner was on harvest duty , so the pressure was on . We got a system going where all four of us netted , bowled and socked and then i did pics , just ove a hour late we finished , dried off our hands , and who should walk in , yes , Mark Bloody Gardner lol ! Timing ! We all had a little chcuckle and explaned to Mark was going on . Drove off from the farm feeling very happy with the mornings work , which in turn will lead to some very happy cusomers . After here went to Yagenji to see the sansai he had harvested , after a cup of coffee we stated bowling some koi with a view to ship some and leave some to go back the mudpond . We soon had a bowl of nice nisai , somenice koi were selcted , and the then Yagenji came over and shook his head , wait untll we harvest wednesday , better choice, great love the guys honesty , so wewill go back later . Lunch break with a differance , but ill explain in pm blog . Pics in order , first two are the two high quality sanke that will be left in Japn for us next summer . The the 21 nisai , sorry about the pics but we were under alot of pressure !