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Today we were off to a breeder just off the main road out of Ojiya called koda . I was looking forward to this as i havnt been before , and i wasnt disapointed . Many varietys including some stunning goshikis and kujaku . Unfortunately the pond we wanted to pick from was a little to expensive so we passed , but will certainly visit again ! From here we decieded to stay in that area , so we quickly has a look at Tsuna where some times some very nice unusual koi can be found , but today it was his tosai that impressed.Platinum ogons , Kin ki utsuri and a pond of mixed go sanke and goshikis , very nice indeed , you may see some of these in our shop soon ! Then it was back to Yamazaki as one of our party had to go to hospital during our visit yesterday , here we both picked up some very nisai and sansai . I was very pleased with a sansai shiro utsuri and hariwake , both female and around 45 cm , and also four nisai including a great little goshiki , once again i apologise for the photos , the shiro utsuri does not look like that in real life !!!! We then had lunch with Manabu who runs Yamazaki koi farm , who then took us back to show us some koi he was taking to the young koi show , he gave us some prices for a beautiful goshiki and kujaku which although were alot of money , not as high as we were expecting , it then transpired that the breeder really diddnt want to sell the koi so we diddnt push him any more on the subject , especially as he had looked after as so well . Some people might say thats an oppertunity lost , but ive learnt that it pays to respect the breeders wishes on these matters , other wise you may lose thier respect of you !