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On Tuesday, we received conformation that our samples had tested positive at the Cefas laboratory. All the fish in pond three in the forge A have already been put to sleep. Next week we will receive a visit from a cefas inspector to make sure the pond is empty, and then restrictions on the Forge will be lifted. Pond three is separated from the others by over lapping sliding pvc doors. So all the other ponds are totally safe, which also are covered in their own right.For those who dont know the forge is totally bisecure from the shop, so we are still trading as usual. We know there was many sold koi in this pond, so please bare with us as we try to contact people for refunds or replacement koi. At this time we are receiving many messages of support, but many are saying we will leave the two of you in peace, as you have a lot to deal with, please dont do this, every thing is dealt with, all i have to do is redo the pipework and filters after we have sterilised the pond, at the moment we need the shop busy to help us financially, and second to keep our minds busy! So pick up the phone or come in the shop as normal, life goes on folks..............Gary and Sue