Super sale for three days this week, Thursday, Friday and Saturday in our main pond, and pond 1B. The main pond has nisai , sansai and yonsai. 1B has jumbo tosai from last year from Dainichi and Ogata. All koi in these two ponds will be around half price and must be collected. These ponds are around 16-17degrees. Sorry this is only open to visitors to the shop only.
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For those of you who have travelled with me to Japan will know two things , our agents work very hard to make our trips as good as they are , so weekends for them is kind of down time , so we usually get to see a couple of breeders and have some free time in the afternoon . Secondly , i suffer badly from jet lag and always stay up late on the first night to try and beat this . So i decieded after a nice meal in Ojiya , Heather and myself decieded to take a couple of drinks in the bar ( purely for helping with the jet lag ! ) , so bearing in mind i dont drink much now the plan was to have one or two for the road and get back for a good long sleep . Enter Mark Gardener , one drunken Japanese hobbyist and Jimbei koi farm . Realising that one had turned to several Whiskeys , plus two of Marks " try this Gaz yourll love it " i was really feeling a bit light on my feet so time to get my head down as it was around one o clock , perfect time to go to bed and not wake up at 3am and pace the bedroom or the streets od Ojiya due to jetlag . So when i woke up with a strong nagging feeling in my lower back , i started to blame Marks new found love of Philapino drink ( which i had now realised he diddnt drink any ! ) , the pain increased and i started cursing Mark , blaming everything in the world on Mark including this increasing pain ! Four hours later and the pain is outragious and i cant sit , stand or even lie down , ive had to call the agent as i now realise that Mark is not to blame and some thing is seriously wrong . So into the hospital , scans and xrays , pain killers and out for the count for 30 minutes while the tablets take effect .Awoken by a very nice Japanese guy who works with our agents and can speak very good english , to be shown a little white lump on the xray moving niceley down to an exit point and being told kidney stone , luckily its only a small one , i replied " doesnt feel that small from where im standing " I heard some sniggering from behind me , concern had grown while i was asleep and the crowd of staff from the agents had grown to three , " his obviously feeling better " one of them said . , and laughed , but i think this was more through relief than anything else as there was a few worried faces amoung them earlier apparently ! On the way back to the cars i was told my first appointment was cancelled so i can lay down and rest . " What ????????? , you better get back on the phone and remake it then ! " " oh yes , definatley feeling better " was the reply ! Arriving back to the hotel to find id missed breakfast , really was the icing on the cake and diddnt bode well for the rest of the day . So within an hour of leaving hospital , armed with pain killers , camera , egg sandwich from 7-11 we arrived at Yamazaki koi farm . As soon as the air pumps were switched off i could feel my spirits rise as he had an excellant selection of sansai and older koi . The koi at this farm are truly amazing , not many go sanke but many many other varietys at price to suit all pockets. So i was really like a kid in a sweetie shop and diddnt know which pond to start in , first pond was a large selection of sansai platinum ogons and hariwakes , last spring we shipped a 70cm one from here and was sold two days into q/tine ( stayed with us for another 4 weeks of course ) so i was keen to wait to find a larger example so passed on the slighly smaller 50-55cm ones he had there . Ill be going back there again when he has some more yonsai so contact me if intereasted in the smaller ones . We were then looking at the better quality yonsai , and found some very nice shiro utsuri , and was quite taken a back when told the price so ended up buying them both, the skin on these koi was amazing , and certainly good enough for showing in the uk scene . One of our party is taking more than strong intereast in one of them , so i dont think they will both be for sale for long . We then moved into another fish house , and was met by loads more sansai and yonsai of so many varietys its really a credit to this young breeder on how he has expaned since he took over the reigns from his father . I then took some considerable time and puchased five sansai , all female around 45-50cm , These included a kohaku that the skin quality was excellant on , an amazing ochiba , goshiki , aiigoromo and a gin rin hi utsuri . We had spent so much time there , it was time for our agent to depart as he had things to do in the afternoon , as we drove back though the mounbains we formed a plan to be dropped off and we would wander around breeders ourselves and get a taxi back later .This seemed great as the pain killers were working a treat , and an afternoon walk would prepare me for a good sleep . As we drove back we saw Maruhiro at his new facility and it was decieded to stop for a quick coffee ( rude not to ! ) , as most of you know we have an amazing relationship with this breeder , and time spent with him is always rewarding . We all had a drink and our agent had to leave . So while we there we had a look at some very intereasting nisai , with so many varietys it wasnt long before we had a bowl of nisai , many were pre ordered so a good hours work selecting varietys as kogani ochiba ( metalic ochibas ) , bekko , benigoi ( and yes i do mean benigoi , red pecks !! ) ,ki goi and gin rin ki goi , hi utsuri and a deep red aka matsuba , gin rin tancho . Some unusual koi and with hopefully three orders found , photos taken we then packed our bags and decieded to prepare for our hike .It was then our old friend Jerone from Holland arrived with a customer in a very small car . We all looked at each other and smiled and thought "taxi !! " After a brief discussion on our plans , he said thats crazy , you come with us , my day was getting better and better ! So all of us including bags packed into the tiny car doing our best imperssion of the anthill mob , (for those of you who dont remember them , watch the cartoon wacky races and you will see what i mean ) I diddnt need to ask where we were going as Jerone along with myself are big Yagenji fans and as he had just got off the plane i knew where we would bound to be going as we ventured up the twisted roads of Mushigame . On arrival Jerone bowled a very attractive sansai kujaku for his customer who said he was thinking about buying it , Jerone said you can think , i will buy and you can make your mind up later . Thats good of him one of my customers said , good my arse i thought , knowing that Jerone has started collecting some very impressive oya goi ( parents ) , and just happened to be in the market for a sansai male kujaku , funny how things work out ! Knowing that it would soon be dark , it was suggested a quick visit to Torazo on the way back to the hotel , on the way Jerone turned sharly without any warning and everything went everywhere , "change of schedule , lets go to Horoi ", suited me fine as we were only along for the ride .This breeder really has some very high quality koi , showa , gin rin showa , doitsu showa , goshiki and gin rin goshiki .We some many koi that we were intereasted in , and quckly bowled a stunning gin rin showa which we are going back tomorrow to have a look at as the light was fading fast . So from having a terrible start to the day , and knowing we might only get to seeing one breeder it ending up being a very enjoyable day , with some very nice koi purchased , and having a great excuse for bad photography as being ill , and an apology to poor old Mark Gardiner whose ears must have been burning around 4am this morning , its on wards and forwards ..............................Photos in order , two shiro utsuri from Yamazaki , bthe female around 60cm .next five all sansai , around 45-50cm and female from Yamazaki also . Next koi all from Maruhiro , nisai 30-38cm ,unsexed , ki goi , gin rin kigoi , pair of kogani ochiba , pair of gin rin benigoi , hiutsuri , aka matsuba , gin rin tancho and bekko . Last koi is a yonsai shiro from Yamazaki , we nearly purchased this , but realised that the leading ray of the peck wasnt complete and was so happy with the other two we passed . If anyone is intereasted , please email me , its not damaged , just finishes early .