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Arrived at Narita airport , Tokyo at 10am with four customers from Worthing section of the bkks . This year we are joined by Steve Watson and and his wife Angie , Phil and Maggie leadbetter . After an uneventful journey we all arrived in Nagyoka around 2.30 to be met by our agent and taken straight to Yagenji , Some very nice Kohaku and Showa were bowled up , but they were quiet expensive and i diddnt think the quality was right for the price so we passed .How ever , in another pond we found many varietys of Nisai so purchased six , including this rather nice Showa and two gin rin kohkau . Also a very attractive Kujaku and two Kikisui . We also saw the Shiro that we left last year and is now sansai , we will return and take a picture of this tuesday .From Yagenji it was down the hill a little to Tanaka Maraju .Here one of our customers found some very nice Budo Goromo , but unfortuanatley the light was fading and it we decieded to reserve the fish untill tomorrow so we could see it better , along with the news that My yonsai showa was being harvested Mionday morning it seemed ideal to return tomorrow !!!!!