Next auction Friday 21st 8pm CRAZY £10 STARTS. Saturday 22nd is a little special, this years Dainichi tosai, all come with a breeders certificate. SALE ON LAST SEASONS KOI STILL CONTINUES.
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Just as an up date re the samples taken by cefas, today we had our first round of tests by a real time pcr, and they have tested positive for a herpes virus, but this is not a positive for khv yet, and it’s not sleeping sickness. The delay in the test results is due to their laboratory being so busy. The next test is the molecular one, which will give the full indication, this takes at least two weeks, but fortunately this was started as soon the samples arrived at the Lab, so we should get that in the next few days. Due to the high/ total losses we took the precaution of sending the rest of the pond to sleep, this was done as even is it was negative the survivors would never be placed in the shop, so no way could I honestly feel safe in selling them to you the public. Any more details will be posted as I get them.