We still have a sale on 5 ponds in the shop. These koi are up to half price, and are not on the website, so you must visit the shop. I will try and add some offers to our face book page Gatwick koi.
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Today we started ( as seems the normal now ) at Maruhiro koi farm .After we finished there last night , he wet our appitites for some better quality koi , at what seemed very good prices . We soon set about bowling koi and soon had plenty to choose from , but things wernt going as well as id hoped . Prices diddnt seem to match the koi and i started to think today was not going to pan out as id planned . After putting quite a few back id found some nice go sanke , so feeling alittle braver we dipped into some more expensive ponds . Right move , we spent the whole morning catching many good quality koi . After a while we hada few bowls full of koi , i decieded it was time to check over the koi and make some descions . This time it was the other way round , i was struggling to put any back !!!!!! There was some excellant showa , some large nisai , small high quality nisai , and some sansai as well . We purchased a very nice sanke , superb quality but disapointed to see that it had a deformity , the quality was tha good that when the breeder offered it at a much lower price i couldnt refuse .A nice60cm showa that altough wasnt high quality due to an over powering sumi pattern , it has somthing so again it was purchased . With the amount of value we had in all the bowls , i decieded that it was time to put a deal on the table , i could see tha Hinori was getting concened as we hadnt actually bough anything after being on the farm for a few hours , he looked at me and shrugged pointing to all the bowls full of koi , his concern soon turned to a smile when i said all of them in Japanese , his smile was then equaly matched bu mine after some frantic working outs on his notebook ! I saw the price and just put out my had for the international sign of done deal ! Some peoplemay have argued that with so many koi i could hav haggled further , but there comes a point where i knew i was spending a few days money in one hit , he knew it as well , but the figure was lower than i expcted , so whats thepoint in trying for more , and risk insulting th beeder . Every one was feeling in a good mood so we decieded to stop and go for a meal , which was nice as we had been joined by my old friend Jerone from Holland , so curr rice and a chance t catch up was well over due . Hinori offered to pay for lunch so we all thaked him , except for Jerone who thanked me , i said why , i diddnt pay , he replid , i wouldt have got a free lunch other wise ! We returned to the farm and started bowling more koi , which surpised even the breeder , wthin an hour or so more bowlsfull of nisai and sansai , and all purchased . One of my cusomers had asked Hinori san to find a showa to leave in the mudonds , we gave him the budget and he soon showed us four example s all at differant stages of developmet , along with a explanaton of choice . Pics and video were taken , to send to the customer t make his mind up . It was then while were talking aout shiro utsuris , and where we could find some , the breeder walked off and was catching a larger koi , he called meover and showed m a sansai one that must have been aroun65cm , good size for a shiro , the sumi quality was very impressve , and the price altough expensve wasnt unrealistic . So considering that one one over night with a couple of other options . Geting in the car i saw it was nearly 4pm , so i decieded as it had been such agood day , lets quit while we are ahead , so back to the hotel foran early night . Very sorry theres no details of pics , please go to the website or facebook for full detals