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Last friday , we went to the farm , very late , to see our koi come in from the mud pond . 22 went in , and 22 came out . So that was a good result . It was noticeable , that some of the koi hadnt grown too much , but the bodies had become massive

, and the skin and sumi looked excellent ! 

First out was this Yonsai Kohaku , grew 3cm , and the body much bigger . 



Next out was this gosai showa , now 75cm . Sumi much improved , pleased with this , beni and skin also improved . 


Kohaku 67cm  yonsai , really good quality , skin and body much improved ! 



Three step sanke , now yonsai and 60cm , once again much improved body and much more sumi is through ! Another one i liked .


Kohaku , yonsai and now 66cm . Body is now massive on this one , looked great when it was in the bowl .



Sanke , gosai and now 67cm . Sumi through and again , a lot more body . Nice three step pattern 



Sanke 79cm , diddnt grow much , but the quality and body much , much more improved .



Sanke , yonsai and 68cm 


Sanke , 63cm and yonsai . Looking very good , sumi excellent !



Sanke , gosai 66cm . Nice two step pattern , ans sumi well through . 



Shiro utsuri sansai and 61cm . Good growth and dramatic sumi change , ill add all the old pics , when i place them on the website . 



Sanke , 67cm yonsai 



Kohaku , yonsai and 62cm 



Kohaku gosai and 69cm .



Maruten 5 step sanke . Yonsai and 63cm . Superb sumi quality , and great pattern . 



Two step sanke , great skin quality , and lots of sumi through now .



Hi utsuri , gosai and now 68cm . 


Kohaku , 6yr and 71cm 




Khaku , 6y and now 76cm . nice pattern and incredible body .



sanke , gosai and 68cm . 



Tancho  sanke , 61cm and yonsai . Sumi and boy much improved .



Sanke , 65cm and gosai . Sorry there is no video , looks like i missed one .



Its easy to see this year , only a few of the koi grew longer . But all of them have got much bigger bodies , and the skin quality has improved , and the sanke and showa sumi is varstly improved .


 So thats it , another trip over . I cant help thinking that this was a kind of a make or break trip , new agent , new shipping methods , and some new breeders . I aslo decided to cut back on go sanke purchases , especially more expensive ones . I think sales have proved that to be the right desicion , plus we have a lot of go sanke coming out of the mudponds  . So with all that in mind , to be honest , it has been a major success , we will be shipping around 100 boxes over the next few weeks , and the sales of koi while i was in Japan , where the best ever . So once again , thank for reading , and thanks for your support ...............Gary