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Followers  of my blog , know that I always have some sort of game plan , when I come to Japan . This usually lasts for two to three days , and then all plans out of the window ! I would like to think after the problems of last Autumn , I would have become more disciplined , financially aware and generally more adult like and responsible . This was the case yesterday , and today until around 09.05 , when I met up with Saito from Shintaro koi farm ! Those of you know him , he has a warmth and sense of humour second to none , and all the time in the world , for lovers of nishikigoi , but can be hard headed when it comes to business . That is not meant to be insulting , he knows what he wants , he knows how to achieve this , and likes to work with people who understand him , and then I fit somewhere in between all of it . I have had some great days at this farm , but none compares to this …………...

We arrived on time for our appointment , and was asked to look at the tosai first . We were offered only one pond , which looked to have some quite interesting sanke and showa . I saw a pond with some kohaku , and was told not for sale , shame , as there were some nice kohaku ! A few koi were netted up , as it was obvious that there were some very nice koi in this pond , for the money Saito was asking . Saito last words were please Gary san , take two boxes . I agreed , as I thought the price was fair , and soon we had a bowl full of sanke and showa . We then started selecting through the koi , one box , two box , three box , four box , until there was only 6 koi left in the original selection . I was very happy , as I really hate putting koi selected back in the pond , but 6 left , not a problem at all ! Pictures and videos were taken , and then I asked about the kohaku again , suddenly they were available , and the pond netted , and I selected 10 nice kohaku , including two that Saito selected out for a picture on their own . I have to take some time out to make a point , Saito has some very , very high grade koi , he knows this is not my market , and always trys to give me some nice koi at a price that most people can afford , so in respect to him , I wont offer these as tategoi , or tateshita etc etc , they are what they are , some exceptional koi , for a reasonable price , nothing more , nothing less , a chance to buy a koi from the maker of dreams , with out breaking the bank ! Butsaying that , I would say , way better koi than you could buy elsewhere for the same money !!!!! 

         After this we went up to the nisai house , this as expected was very impressive ! I knew which pond was in my budget , but become a little concerned , as there was some very nice koi for sale in there , I presumed all the nisai were males , and started selecting with this in mind . We soon had 9 nisai from 45-55cm , and assumed all were males , Saito checked and more were female than males , and I was shocked when he diddnt change the price .  A genuine guy , I honestly thought I was buying males . He then added some sansai females , and I was worried that the deal would turn sour , but he was again very fair with his prices , I selected two and a deal was done for nine nisai , and two sansai , the last nisai proved to be female , and I could see Saito wince , he wasn't happy that the last sanke was female , but he shook my hand , and I was very happy ! Most of you know , I am an honest guy , Shintaro koi farm has some superb koi , but he also has some affordable koi , a nicer guy you couldn't meet , to the dealers who don't go there , I suggest you do , don't believe the hype , Shintaro koi farm has many gr4at koi , but you will never know if you can afford then if you never go ! Visit him , talk to him , and tell him want you want , if he cant help , he will tell you believe me!!


Just a few of the jumbo koi we selected , many more to be added on the website . Really sorry , but time has taken its toll , and I need the sleep, ill catch up later xx