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Japanese food is differant , there can be no doubting that , breakfast this morning cold scrambled eggs and cold meat balls . If you can stomache that then anything that follows is a much lesser feat . With that in mind it was off to Oofuchi , this familys fish get a lot of flack about being a mass producer of koi , but the standard gets better every year , also with many varietys and resonable prices you cant go far wrong , and if you want higher class fish , then go to the top fish house and see the better sansai ! Today was to be one of the best we have ever had at Oofuchi . First koi in a bowl , 3 step sanke and a tancho sanke from matsunoske blood line and a kujaku ( for which they are famous for breeding ) all female , sansai and around 50cm .Next three again sansai and female and roughley the same size, this time differant varietys , kikkoryu , kin matsuba and a nice shiro utsuri .Last two were yonsai ( 4 yr ) , around 55-60cm , doitsu hariwake and ochiba , again both female . For some reason Oofuchi doesnt harvest many nisai untill later , this time he had some in a pond , so hoping they were good value as the larger koi we picked a nice box of 6 fish with a stunning ochiba and a 45 cm hariwake , we were not disapointed ! We then went to his "secret pond " , thats right the one 100 yards from his house that every one knows about ! The quality in here was breath taking , sansai and yonsai of every variety . Five fish were purchased , yonsai kujaku 65cm , sansai shiro 55cm and tancho sanke 55cm , yonsai shiro and ochiba which are amoung the best i have ever purchased , two Japanese hobbiests were cooing over the shiro , i knew it was a winner ! The last shiro and the kujaku were my two favourites , the pic of the kujaku was a landscape one which i inverted so it makes the koi look "stubby" , its not , believe me !!!!!!!!!!