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Its 7am , and im at the airport nice and early . In the next 24 hours i have to make an important choices about my time in Japan . I had planned to go down the south , but with shop starting to get very busy , and the work load all burdened on poor old Sue , im thinking of my options .This choice is being made easier by the pictures im being sent , from my agent down in the South . Tosai , can be hit and miss at the best of times , and the South with all the travelling , doesnt make it any easier . Our agent down these has already made us lots of offers , and with a saving of £700 on trains and hotels , may be trusting him to select some koi for us is an option . Its still early for gettig high grade tosai , with lots of breeders still to make their final selections of tategoi , i may go back to the south in March , if our agent can find us enough koi this week and next .