We still have a sale on 5 ponds in the shop. These koi are up to half price, and are not on the website, so you must visit the shop. I will try and add some offers to our face book page Gatwick koi.
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I managed to get some sleep last night , but probably no where enough .Jet lag has well truly got hold of me so i needed a positive day to keep me going , and with a hand pick of tosai at Shinoda and some other appointmets made , things were looking ok . We arrived at the breeders farm , and everything was laid out , nets bowls and busckets , and with out any delay i got stuck in to selecting a nice variety of doitsu and gin rin  go sanke , along with some hi utsuri .Also found five fully scaled showas as well ! The koi were about 16-20cm , and with 40 purchased i was fairly happy .
 After the tosai selection , i viewed over the last of the nisai he had left available , the quality wasnt so high as we usually buy here , but when he gave the prices i thought it would be rude to leave them there .Mainly hi utsuri of mixed sex and one male gin rin showa , all arond 45cm or bigget , and the showa may be over 40cm . A quick drive down the mountain found us at Kawakami , he had many varietys as usual , i was keen to fnd some shiro utsuri , and ater ging trough the nisai i decieded it wasnt quite what i was looking for so passed .He hd some sansai that were fantstic quality , but a lot were already sold , but bowled one that im seriously thinking over , skin was excellant but sumi  quality was mind blowing ! A  quck stop for lunch and it was on the phone to track down two breeders where we has koi in the mudponds last summer that we hadnt seen yet  , but i seemed some of them were still a little behind after the AJKS , so we thought about were nex to go , Hosakai was mentioned , and it was decieded to visit and see what he had after the almost  compulsary egg sandwich and tin of boss coffee .At  Hosakai we had a good look round at the nisai , and again we asked about higher quality and was taken to another  fish house , the quaity was fantasic , Kujaku , shiro utsuri and some great showa .  Prices were asked , and once again i was pleasent surprised , not cheap but for tis kind o quality , the prices seemed fair . A superb shiro and showa were purchased , thse were around 45-50cm , along with four others , a deal was struck and we had purchased 6 very high quaity nisa that were all female .As we were retuning to the other fish house , i noticed a showa in another pond, this was the best yet ! Once again bowled an duly purchased , very happy with this koi , it hs amazing skin quality , Once we had returned to the other fish house , i was surprised a how good even the nisai were down here where , we seemed be buying in every pond . Befoe long tehre where bowls of shiro utsuri , goshiki and many others all over the place , far too many too mtion , but once again all purchsed ! After that was done i had a look at some sansai , a 60-65cm female showa and a aka matsuba around the same size , these were als bought and it was time to call it a day , we had been in there four hours !!!! But ive always said , why travel around whn th koi are all around you ! Another great day , with some amazing koi , lets hope my camera does them jusice !