Super sale for three days this week, Thursday, Friday and Saturday in our main pond, and pond 1B. The main pond has nisai , sansai and yonsai. 1B has jumbo tosai from last year from Dainichi and Ogata. All koi in these two ponds will be around half price and must be collected. These ponds are around 16-17degrees. Sorry this is only open to visitors to the shop only.
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First stop today , Shinoda koi farm . I heard he was totally sold out ,

so when I arrived their was tosai in all the for sale ponds , I thought my luck was in , and he had sorted out some tateshita . As we waited for the breeder , I was really in doitsu heaven , in one pond my mind had already bought 5 boxes , but when the breeder arrived , it turned out to be ALL tatgoi ! Ill be coming here for my first appointment in the autumn , that is for sure ! I was handed my card for my gold prize , and we were offered a cold drink , so accepted and had a chat . Shinoda then went into great length to discuss the problems of breeding doitsu , its hard to get the numbers from the spawning , I guess when your one of the best doitsu breeders in the world , where do you go for brood stock Also very difficult to produce doitsu koi that will grow past 65-70cm , and hold their quality . Another problem for him , is that a lot of doitsu can be very big bodied , and if he grows the nisai too quick, then you cant pack too many koi in a box for shipping , which makes the koi more expensive . The problems of being just a simple farmer eh Mark Gardner !


   From here we visited Iwashita , this guy has some very serious koi . Incredible range of varieties , and the quality was outstanding . I bowled two goshiki , one male and one female , both sansai , but not cheap , and very hard to sell to the uk market . This were put back in the pond , and replaced by a stunning example of a beni kikokoryu , like a lot of people , I have been intrigued by their development , from a simple doitsu with black and colour , to some of the better examples that just shine like gold . I new as soon as I saw this , it was out of my league , when the price was given , it was way out of my league ! So once again , replaced very quickly . We joined the breeder for a coffee , I knew from the past , that he was good friends with my agent , so it wouldn't be a five minute job , and off they went jabbering at a speed I couldn't even pick out words , let alone try and translate with my little Japanese ! So I drunk my coffee and my mind drifted off , and stared thinking about the doitsu sanke I had seen yesterday , another koi just out of reach , but I was hatching  plan ………….


     From here we left the Mushigame area bound for Oofuchi, but with a quick stop to look at Izumiya , to see if he had any ogons left .He had one , but the breeder wasn't there , so we opted for the 7-11 , and then to head over to Oofuchi , to see what nisai he had left . When I arrived , I was shocked at how many nisai he had , some very nice stuff indeed . For those who follow my blogs , will know that I am a big fan of their koi . In the Autumn you can buy sansai and older , at prices that wont break the bank .Even show class koi , that wont run into the many 1000 pound price tag . With this in mind , I struggle to buy his nisai , as they are getting bigger , and more expensive to ship . But I know in May , if he has some left , you can buy at a greatly reduced price . A price dicussed for 5 boxes , I was happy and they started netting the ponds to select , which is great , as the ponds are very deep , and once a net goes in , the koi are gone down and hard to catch . Using a seine net was by far a better quicker option. I soon had many nisai in the bowls and went from pond to pond selecting and making up boxes . We arrived at a pond , and I could see Oofuchi was a little unhappy to net it , it was explained that this was a more expansive pond , and at first I was a little disappointed , a deal was a deal ? But these guys are always fair with me , so agreed to just get the prices as we went through , and pay a little more . Once the pond was netted , I could see way , the quality was much better , and the koi were huge buy his nisai standard , normally 30-40cm , but these were 40 plus , at first I thought ah , these are sansai , but when I said that he shook his head , and said nisai . I soon had three stunning doistu hariwake , a doistu kujaku and a very nice kohaku .  price was agreed , and I was more than happy , sometimes you just have to go with the flow , and I said before , this breeder always looks after us . We then purchased 6 sansai , 3 doitsu platinum ogons , one kujaku , a doitsu hariwake and a very nice kindai showa . As I write this , I have had to use the videos to remember what varities we selected in the nisai ponds , kujkau , doitsu kujaku , tancho sanke , beni kikokoryu , kohaku , sanke , showa , tancho kujaku , tancho ochiba , ochiba , hajiro , sumi nagashi , doitsu hariwake , aigoromo , budo goromo , shusui , doitsu platinum and a sumi sakuara ( new variety ) .


Not bad for an hour or twos work



  Most breeders are a fair drive from Oofuchi , but where we join the main road , it was on the way to Takahashi , so we decided to pop back and take a look at the doitsu sanke a took a video of the other day . There was nothing I diddnt like about this koi , except for the obvious , but saying that , it still wasn't an obscene amount of money for the quality of the koi ! On my last visit , we were offered a hand select of tosai , so I decided to bundle the whole deal together . If I selected two boxes , they would net the pond , and there looked to be some very nice koi in there . So we then went to the main pond , and started bowling uo some other doistsu examples . I soon had another two that could all be shipped in one box . The discussion was made on the price , and no reduction at all on the three doitsu sansai , I was a little disappointed , but that changed when I was told the new price to select my 50 tosai , it was more discount than I wanted on the three sansai , carzy eh ? N discount on the three high grade koi , but more offered off on the tosai lol , I guess I know he understands , the doistu  were so valuable to him , he was making a point . Pics and vids of the sansai were done , and then we went off to net the tosai pond . I was soon selecting 16-20cm kohaku , doitsu go sanke , beni kumonryu and a few others . Once again , another fantastic day , and the agent paid for dinner twice in a row , so guess he was fairly haooy as well ! Tomorrow we will be going to Yamazaki to select through some new koi he ahs released for sale , Ozumi koi farm , Kase and of course Maruhiro ……………...