Super sale for three days this week, Thursday, Friday and Saturday in our main pond, and pond 1B. The main pond has nisai , sansai and yonsai. 1B has jumbo tosai from last year from Dainichi and Ogata. All koi in these two ponds will be around half price and must be collected. These ponds are around 16-17degrees. Sorry this is only open to visitors to the shop only.
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Woke up to a wet and dreary day but I wasnt going to let that get me down. Two customers wanted a very nice gin rin soragoi, so with that in mind we headed off to Hosakai round the otherside of Ojiya, when we arrived the soragoi wearnt quiet up to what we wanted, so after all recieving about 100 mozzie bites each we were keen to get away, as we were leaving I noticed an out side pond with green water and what looked like huge koi in, the breeder came out and explained just very big fish, he said around 65cm but we thought bigger so we bought a large asagi and gin matsuba for a very resonable price hoping to fullfil a order for two large koi! A drive round the corner to suda and I have to say was quiet impressed with the quality of some of the showa there, aoki next and he was out so then came an early lunch. A drive back to mushigame to visit nagashima who had a lovely selection of showa, very nice guy and good quality koi who deserves more people going there than he gets. After an afternoon of breeders being busy or out harvesting the day looked like just the big fish, everyone who breeds hi utsuri seemed to be out or not have harvested yet, frustrating when you have three orders to find. The agent then suggested we try shinoda, I like shinodas koi, but over the last few years the prices have been too high, or the quality has sold out. This time it was neither and we had two sansai females, around 50 and 55cm, and also took advatage and bought 5 nisai of around 40cm in case the two sansai were just too big for the orders. As most people know im not a lover of doitsu koi but I saw some lovely doitsu showa, a very good price and nice quality so I thought why not, and for good measure found a very attractive gin rin hi showa as well. Very happy to be buying this guys koi again as the quality was good and the prices good as well.