We still have a sale on 5 ponds in the shop. These koi are up to half price, and are not on the website, so you must visit the shop. I will try and add some offers to our face book page Gatwick koi.
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The last day today, so a little down in the mouth it was off to hoshikins to see his beautiful kohaku, and beautiful they were, but way out of reach for us. So we thought we would shoot over to kaneco and have another look at his kujaku, i thought a little over priced and couldnt see any i really liked, but it had given me the taste for a box of kujaku, so the hunt was on!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Up to masaki right up at the top of the mountain and he had one really nice one and other wise everything else i wasnt looking for. So down to tsuna he had none but some lovely gin goshikis, then round to hirasawa he had some 35-45cm ones at a giveaway price but i wasnt keen on the body shape. Every one now is laughing and to make it worse i am now driving the battle bus and its automatic which i have never driven in my life, stress level 6 and rising fast. Hirasawas son then takes me to a pond full of little kujakus around the 20cm, they are too small I cry much to the amusement of the group with me, they have spent all there money and find this hilarious. I have now made the quest for a box of kujakus the next most important job to finding the holy grail! kawakami, he had none, marasaka has some 65cm, ther are to big I scream, even the agent thinks its funny and is now making up made up breeders, stress at 7 and moving up fast. With three people trying to tell me how to drive an automatic and the lack of kujaku im through all levels of stress and now on self destruct the agent says, hmmmm, I believe Mardoh has kujaku shall we try there, I stare at him with disbelief and say why didnt you say before, he said you didnt want to go to maradoh today, I said that was before he had kujaku!!!!!!!!! oh well, its off to maradoh and a great selection of kujaku within ten minutes we have a box of very good quality kujaku, worth chasing around the mountains looking for, at this point I must say a big thanks to all on the trip, its been a great week and with heather and roger on board i think we have all learnt a bit, i now can pick a good kujaku..............lol.

Its 4 o clock and we are finished and driving back to the hotel, i wonder so many things as i drive back, i wonder how the shop is, how the wife and kids are, i think about beans on toast, the british economy, the yen rate, but as we drive back looking at the mountains for the last time the thing i really wonder is when will i be back to place that i love so much, the mountains dont answer, only i can, and i hope its soon......................


Thanks for reading!! See you soon...