We still have a sale on 5 ponds in the shop. These koi are up to half price, and are not on the website, so you must visit the shop. I will try and add some offers to our face book page Gatwick koi.
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Its our very sad duty ,to inform you that we have found KHV in a shipment from Japan , in one of our quaratine centres . Only one pond is effected , cefas have visited , and are very happy with our biosecurity , so no other ponds are effected . The shop and all fish that have left the fish are also uneffected . The one good thing that has come out of this , we have proved that heat ramping is the only way forward , for the safe quarantining of koi .Once again , we have triggered it , while all testing around the world have not found anything ! Some people are struggling to understand the way things happen here at Gatwick Koi . We have three faciities , the shop , the forge and the Annex .Only the forge has been affected , and that is so biosecure , we have been given permission to use the Area A again already . New koi only go to the Annex , or the forge and NEVER to the shop , untill they have finished their 6/7week quarantine . So you can still visit the shop and have complete confidence, that you are buying from one of the safest dealers in the UK . If you have koi with us , please give us a few weeks to sort thigs out , any fish involved will be relaced , like the last time , just give us time to get our heads round things..........................Gary and Sue.