Next auction Friday 21st 8pm CRAZY £10 STARTS. Saturday 22nd is a little special, this years Dainichi tosai, all come with a breeders certificate. SALE ON LAST SEASONS KOI STILL CONTINUES.
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The afternoon had me expecting to buy a lot of koi as we were off to Oofuchi , but when we got there i was very disapointed to find out he had sold all his sansai and yonsai .The nisai were not really what i was looking for, so we stayed for a short while and headed off to Otsuka .Once again we found nothing that we were really wanted for so we then decieded to visit Hiroi . This is another breeder we havnt bought from for a long time , and once again we were very surprised . Within a few minutes i had bowled up quiet a lot of showa and sanke , the pond was mixed male and female and all the nisai were around 50-55cm , i was just about to ask him to sex the fish when he made me an offer i coluldnt refuse , so i bought all 8 large nisai . All these fish have reall good body shapes and would be a fantastic addition to any ones pond . Again i apologise about the photos but one of our party had to go back to hospital for a wound dressing change so we were very much in a rush . To get a better idea of the quality of the koi , please look at the video