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Scond to last day, and straight off to Kawakami where i thought I could pick up some cheaper nisai for the smaller tanks, a bit disapointed as he didnt have the varieties he normally carries, so then off the torazo where we purchased this superb sansai sanke, I have to say this guy has been one of all our favourites. The sumi quality of this sanke is excellant and with roger and his bkks judge wife giving all the koi a once over we knew we were on to a winner!

Torazo sanke

From here it was off to fukashima for another look around ,a bowl of very high quality shiro utsuri was purchased, then a bowl of chags and ochibas and a strange find, a doitsu gin shiroutsuri, another box of goshiki and others and that was me nearly done.

high grade shiro and gin rin shiro

chag and ochiba and others

benigoi , kin ki utsuri , 3 step kohaku and goshiki