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Breeders secret , one of the best clays on the market , also one of the finest and doesnt send drums into over drive ! Proven to help sumi come out , and great use for show preperation ! As a few of you know , we have been out of stock for the last month , this is purely a financial decision , due to the weak pound . I have now found a way round this , and will ship the clay on its own , instead of with the probites food .Our supplier has helped with this volume , so i am very pleased to announce , that it will be here again in the next ten days , WITH NO PRICE INCREASE WHAT SO EVER !!!!! On the down side , it means i have a ton of it lol , so can dealers please contact me with orders for immediate delivery ! Available on the South Coast at Wimborne Koi , and the North East at Angel Koi . Other dealers still required , please contact the shop .