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In one of our separate quarantine centres known as the forge, one pond from our shipment two weeks ago, started to have koi die. This was around 12 days after they hit over 21 degrees. At first we thought it was sleeping sickness, but the mortalities steadily grow after treating the pond for sleeping sickness, and as the weekend went on. By Monday we were highly suspicious that this was now KHV, and the authorities were called and informed. Cefas responded in 8 hours, we had an officer here taking samples, and we are now awaiting the results of the tests and we will inform you all of them as soon as we can. The building now has a restrictive movement on it, so we cannot move any koi in or out of the forge, but this DOES NOT effect the shop or the other centre known as the Annex. We can still trade from these two sites and you dont have to worry about fish purchases, as our quarantine has once yet again, shown how good it works. Many people have sent messages saying we wont visit as we know your under pressure, please dont do this, we need your support and are working as normal as we can, although we are coping, the busier we are , the less time we have to think about it all.......Gary and Sue.