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With an entertaining night in Ojiya behind me , half a nights kip ad cold meatballs and salmon , it was off to start our first full days buying . It was going to be an intereasting day , as we were tagging onto the end of a group of American Vietmenese , and with  three of them , two English men and a brummie (sorry Mark lol ) we certainly set back race relations back half a centuary , i can honestly say that our vehicle always has a bit of banter , but this at an almost record level , but they gave as good as the got and we just laughed the day away . They travel back the  US tomorrow so i wish you all a safe journey back and thank you for letting us join you , really enjoyed it !Back to the koi , first stop Kanno , always impressed with his koi and today we went to the better quality koi house . Thefish here were at a vey high level , andi soon purchased a show quality nisai sake , around 52cm , female and stunning ! Did a quick pic on the  phone as i havnt made my mind to ship or leavefor a year . From here we went to a new breeder , i was impressed with nisai , but the Americans were busy so i left thm to it , in hs nisai thre was sme amazing koromo , the males were vey good and resnoble prices , the females however were considerably more , but no affodable , so we are ging back as he is harvesing tomorrow . Fom here it as back to Maruhiro as he hd harvsted again . Looking for female and better quality ,i soon had two showa and two sanke . The  big bodied sanke had amazing skin quality , but not to much sumi through , couldnt help myself an decieded to buy it , then onto  buy some smaller nisai , some nice sanke and kohaku . After lunch it was off to Yagenji , much to our dismay someone hdarrved before us and bought nearly the entire stock , it happens ! But they will be harvesting again so im sure we will get bck again .With a little time to spare , we popped into Sakai Yamamatsu , no one was in , but we had a little wonder around and found that three yonsai of minehad been harvsted , way happy , they looked great but diddt want to bowl them . Hopfully the rest will comeout as good . The Amerians wantedto go back to Maruhiro , so we wet back and i bowled some koi that were of the level to leave as Azuari , so need to have a little think about it . Two step and a kohaku  and a showa. very first day had been a vey enjoyable and productive one. First four pics Maruhiro sanke , all around 50cm ,female .Next were the smaller nisai from Maruhiro . Nisai Sanke from Kanno , showa we are still thinking about , also the same with the last pic, nice kohaku .