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Earlier on in the week we visited Nagashima and purchased a nice sanke from Momataro bloodline , we needed to buy some more to get the fish shipped at a resonable price and as he had harvested today we went to take a second look .Two koi were purchased here , one maruten type showa , ( Nagashima has bred Momotaro into his showa line as well this was done to improve growth rates and body shape ) , this was two year , female and from his main pond , along with a nisai shiro utsuri also female , although this had a tiny yellow fleck on the eye i decieded that the skin and sumi quality were so high that this over rode a tiny mis colour . Leaving here and driving back to Ojiya we decieded to have a quick look at Marasaka , mainly doitsu and metalics , he has sanke as well from the original Jimbei bloodline . Many attractive koi with some very unusual ones attracting my attention , it was decieded that the light was too bad too carry on .Another excellant day !