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On this leg of our trip there is a lot of driving as the breeders are quiet a distance apart , so we decieded to grab a 7-11 luch to catch up on some time .( egg sandwhich and bottle of drink ) As always the whole family were at hand to bcatch up and bowl the koi we wished to buy . Its a bit hectic at this farm as the more you buy the better the price gets , so it leads to many many bowls of sansai and yonsai sitting around getting twitchy , and another excuse for amazingly bad photographs as we need to get done and the fish put into holding ponds . Ive taken vidoes this time so ill try and get these up asap as well .after a small debate about the price and a few changes to make the shipping right i was very pleased with afternoons work . Very pleased with these koi i purchased every one of them female , then it happened again , the poaching contingent of our party moved in , which one you ask ?? every bloomin one of them . Steve swiped one of my kujakus that i had ear marked for a customer , Angie then swipes the next Kujaku which i had decieded would go to fill the said cutsomers order ( sorry Marcus ill try again next week as customers in Japan always get first choice ! ) Then while admiring a 65cm yonsai sanke Phil asked to have that for himself , and then his wife swiped a lovely kikisui in the same bowl , at least we had happy customers !!! Not to worry its a great excuse to go back and get some more next week ! Feeling the shop was needing a few more koi as my new stocks were already four short , we went to the higher grade pond and i bowled a stunning little sanke and a larger yonsai kohaku , great price bought both and then both customers asked to have both of the koi , oh well , you can only sell them once !! Once again sorry about the pics , it was imortant to get the fish back in the ponds , and ill retake the pics when the koi are in the uk at my liesure . First up 60cm plus yamabuki ogon and 50cm doitsu hariwake , 60cm plus kujaku , 45cm doistu platinum ogon , 60-65cm kujaku , 45cm platinum ogon , 65cm sanke , 45-50cm hariwake , four very nice sansi 45-50cm , kindaiu showa around 50cm , 3 sansai around 45cm , very nice sanke 45cm and kohaku around 60-65cm