We still have a sale on 5 ponds in the shop. These koi are up to half price, and are not on the website, so you must visit the shop. I will try and add some offers to our face book page Gatwick koi.
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              Today we started off at Momotaro koi farm . Our aim was to do exactly the same as we

did at Matsue , but with sanke and showa ! We had a good look round the farm , and there were some stunning koi to be seen . We were offered some tosai , which surprised me a little , but we dont usually but tosai this time of year , so we passed and went onto the nisai house . This visit was my first , and frustrating as i like their koi very much , but couldnt find anything in the few ponds that he had harvested for sale , and the few i did bowl , the price wasnt right for us , even some very nice males were bowled , but we found the same with those , so we will look again when he has harvested more koi . We still have many koi at the shop from this farm , so feel free to contact us , if you are interested in a koi from this farm . 

            We headed back to Okayama to drop our Dutch friends at the station , as they will continue there journey onto Niigata . We then headed off to Takigawa koi farm , in the hope of finding some sanke and showa , and may be a few other koi ! I wasnt to be dissapointed , the farm really did have a lot of great koi .We started buying a whole lot of small nisai , 35-40cm , by the time i got half way through , we stopped and got a price for them all , so once again , some affordable koi from a well known farm .


Then we looked at the larger koi , started bowling some very nice go sanke , tancho and other variety , only to be told they were all males , i was going to return them all , but when given the price , i thought it was more than fair , so we carried on , and bought ten nice males of around 50-55cm . Great koi , and very good value for money ! Then , it was onto the female pond !


            Then it was time to move on to the female pond . This did have some nice koi , so started catching up koi . Sanke , showa , kohaku , karashigoi , bekko and tancho , may be a few others as well . Soon we had 14 in a bowl , and we managed to get a very fair price . A larger kohaku caught my attention , we then bowled up a 75cm gosai , and a 77cm incredable yonsai ! Both were very nice , so both purchased . 




That was it for the day , back to the hotel , and then tomorrow its Omosako .