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These next photos show the sort of koi that were over looked in the major awards but would still be considered very very serious koi .The three step kohaku was of incredable quality , im not sure that it diddnt win anything if im honest its easy to forget as there are so many koi in the show . The skin was as white as can be ! Next photo is of what we would call size one and two , nice smaller fish but still of very good quality . " Saw this and thought of you " , 3 kujaku i thought steve the cabbie might appriciate , at the moment i am going through a bit of a thing with kujaku and spent spome time watching these little beautys ! My next picture does not do the Doitsu Goshiki any favours at all , a stunning example of a very difficult breed to find . The last two photographs are of a snake and kohaku over 80cm that didnt get a mention in the honours list , just shows how serious things are at this level !