Super sale for three days this week, Thursday, Friday and Saturday in our main pond, and pond 1B. The main pond has nisai , sansai and yonsai. 1B has jumbo tosai from last year from Dainichi and Ogata. All koi in these two ponds will be around half price and must be collected. These ponds are around 16-17degrees. Sorry this is only open to visitors to the shop only.
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That will be the warning shout that goes around Niigata breeders for the next couple of days , ill get to the reason why later .Today we were joined by Mark Gardener of , we started advertising with Mark when he started the site and still believe to this day that Mark does a lot of great work bringing the news and facts direct to the world of what is happening in Niigata . ( Advertising with Mark has many other advatages that in sure Mark will discuss with you , feel free to call him .) Anyway , enough of the plug and on with the fish . The day started at Miya koi farm who is the cousin of Miyatora , a very nice guy and has some woderful koi of many varietys . I looked at some nisai and saw some very nice showa so i selected what i thought were very good koi , pleased with what i had picked and with the skills of Mark Gardener on hand some great photos were taken .While Mark was standing on the filter covers and i was returning unwanted koi , i heard the familier crack of wood , Mark had gone through the filter cover and just about saved him self from an early bath ! Mark decieded that he was not going round to the next pond as it was too dangerous as it represents near on an obsticle course to get there , and with the value of Marks camera equipment who could blame him .Feeling alittle more confident i managed to get there to see some very nice koi bought from the main pond by a dutch customer , one of the biggest gin shiro i have ever seen , and a stunning kin showa . I got round the tanks that blocked the path of my return very well as was quite pleased that i had gone where Mark hadnt , thinking that i was a bit more aware of the rotten wood than mark , i stepped right at the edge of the wood , my weight surported by the concrete that the wood sat on , but the wood was much worse than i realised and nothing could pevent the inevatable . This time i took two boards out , airpumps and everything joined me in the filter bay . The breeder was over like a shot and prevented me falling backwards and straight in the pond , he seemed more worried about me than the damadge , but i still felt bad that me and mark had probably given him a couple of hours work .I know that Mark and myself are a not small guys , but these breeders filter covers are stating to really become rotton , some are still there from the day the filter house was built , come on guys , spend some money and get them changed ! Outside we spoke to the agent , i said i was worried what with falling through at Torazos we would give the British a bad name , he laughed and said we already had before to day , you two just made it worse ! The first three photos are of the koi we picked at Miya koi farm , the showa on its own was one reason for buying the box in the first place ! From here , we went to Yamazaki koi farm , ive never really got on here and never found the prices to my liking , today that was about to change . We were in a rush as we were running late , so we diddnt have a lot of time , but i was very impressed with the quality and cariety of the koi , ill definatley be going back , while there i had to select some fish as i saw some koi that had been ordered by customers in the uk . Some sansai Hariwake , Gin matsuba ,and a huge kin matsuba , some nisai gin rin benigoi , shiro utsuri and others .Just waiting for Mark to send some photos , but there are pics of the matsuba , benigoi and hariwake