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                   Today we visited a new breeder on the way to koide , and found two very nice Tancho  Kujaku ,

very happy with these as they sold straight away . 



Then onto Satoshi Tanaka , this man NEVER disapoints , wierd , the wonderful , and some VERY high quaity !!! Kujaku , asagi , doitsu gin shiro , Kawaigoi , ochiba and shusui . 

Aasgi , kanoko asagi , gin rin ginga and others !

Some serious koi in here , sansia female kin showa , gin shiro utsuri , both show quaity , asagi , yuke asagi , ochiba , and a stunning little kin showa .



Although Sekiguchi has a great reputation for high quality showa , these usually come with a matching price tag ! But , as we were round the corner , we thought it wise to visit , and so glad we did .Selected 20 pearl gin rin go sanke , and two showa quality ones , the large showa in the video you must have a good look at !



Then it was back to Takahashi in Koide , where finally found some kujakus  , really pleased with these , nice quality at an affordable price ! Really struggled to find Kujakus in any quantity this week , but i guess Kujakus are like a number nine bus ...........read on and ill explain ! 


Then bowled up some unusual stuff , doitsu sanke with some great sumi , kunonryu , doitsu orenji ogon , doitsu hi utsuri , doitsu tancho showa , and a very nice quality gin rin showa .


It was getting late , and we promised our selves an early night , but we were so close to the master of asagi , and new the inventer of the new variety Kirin , it would be rude to not go round and see what the fuss was all about . So off to Wada , the kirin is everything it is cracked up to be . looks like a yellow kujaku  , and some that look like a yellow kujaku and ginga all rolled into one . They were stunning , and had great bodies and they looked very masterful . Not really affordable for me , so asked what else he had for sale , would Gary be interested in some very nice kujaku ? Honestly , you couldnt write it , no kujaku all week , then more than a number nine bus ! Took me to  a whole pond of them , bigger bodies than the ones we selected earlier , and bigger 40-45cm , great strong , deep colour . So piked through the pond and selected 10 , plus two female sanke , from Jumbei and sadazo bloodline . Then it was off for dinner and then the hotel ! A great day , seeing a new breeder , and ones we havnt visited for a while !