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This trip was once yet again a very sucessfull one for Gatwick koi . I think we raised the standard of koi which we want to sell a little higher , while still supplying the kind of koi that made us sucessfull, i know Roy and Doug will be reading this and thinking he did go mad , i diddnt , it all kind of went to plan , yes of course i blew the budget , but justified in doing so , and by not as much as you think , prices were good and the breeders were willing to work with us The azuakri project worked wonderfully and was so much fun i nearly burst with excietment . Many lesson were learnt , and we wont leave so many cheaper koi , going for less koi but of much higher quality , these had a much higher sucess rate , and when on a few occasions things went wrong , like they did at Yagenji , the breeder was more than happy to work with us to make a bad situation good . ( this also is down to the smaller number of breeders that we use and work closer with ) That doesnt mean im not gonna have a little gamble every now and then . Out of 28 koi , all had a sucessfull outcome , except 2 which we gave to the breeder as a gift . as they were cheap and he had looked after us so well during the week . There are still five koi to comeout of the mudponds , so im hoping for a continued suceess rate , especially for the Sakai yonsai , and two sansai for a customer . This trip also cemented the relations further that we have built over the last few years , with some serious koi now left in Japan , and some of the best koi we have had being shipped home . When i return in jan/feb for the all japan , we will expand on that and look for more koi to leave ! I am over whelmed with the comments that i have had through websites and facebook , and can only begin to tell you who happy i am with the koi sales while i have been in Japan . I sit here waiting for our flight in Narita airport , desperate to get home , but already in my heart and brain planning my return journey , if you want to be part of experiance then call me for more details , the trip is ually the end of January , or the start of February . If you wish to purchase a fish, and remember we can over winter them for you , then email me to confirm and then call the shop to pay once you have confirmation . I will be unavailable for the next 15 hours , but will try and answer emails when i get home , thanks every one for reading and all your support , also thanks to Sue and Mark Chetter and to Rod and Diane Taylor who have joined me on this trip , untill next time.