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Just woke up to some emails asking why i haddnt replied from a few days ago , im very sorry if you havnt had a reply but i am up to date with emails , for some reason i havnt recieved a few .If you dont recieve a reply within 24 hours then for some reason i havnt recieved your email and please re send or contact the shop . I am using my hotmail account to send emails , but you can still contact me on either , so please get in touch if you havnt heard from me within 24 hours, or even call the shop and they will contact me . Sales are going well and we are keeping the web up to date , again within 24 hours , im hoping to price up yesterdays fish and get them on the web in the next hour or so , or tonight when i get in . Dont forget to purchase a koi you can just ring the shop and pay by card , to keep the koi over winter will cost an extra £50-£100 depending on value and size of the koi . Thank you for all the emails and nice comments , its all appreciated ...................Gary