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Now ive had a good old moan we can get back to the good stuff . First appointment today was at Katayoka or Oya koi farm as some know it . Very impressed here , some good quality nisai koi available at a very good price . My new dutch friend freeso purchased some lovely oak chagoi , and i bowled up a super quality kujaku , best i had seen all week , but rejected it when it turned out male and the customer had asked pacifically for a female , shame really as it was stunning , if i have any money left i may still buy it yet later in the week . The next door pond has some seriously high quality sanke , i selected two that i knew had great potential , thankfully i asked the price first before bowling them , they were both in the millions of yen so with a quick swerve it was on to the subject of hand picking tosai . Freeso made a deal for some very extremely nice Oya Sanke , thinking that i might have a box myself i was sadly told , sorry Gary san , one box only ! After not speaking to Freeso for at least two or three minutes we headed off to Shinoda . Over the last year we have had some fantastic koi ffrom this breeder , but unfortuantely the quality was a little bit down due to the popularity of his doitsu and gin rin . From here we went to Tanaka Yoshinori who had some fantastic nisai , but we really needed some tosai and he has allowed us to come back later in the week to hand select some of his lovely metalics and doitsu tosai , so again i feel we are moving forward as we also have an appointment to hand select tosai tomorrow . Driving to lunch we saw Kawakami San of Torazo koi farm outside his nisai house , feeling an urge to buy a koi before lunch we headed in to see what was available . As usual the quality was amazing , but desperately needing tosai we popped next door to see what he had there . I was talking to the breeder about better quality tosai and from no where a deal was struck on higher grade tosai , . The picture below is some of the koi we have purchased . Torazo then bowled up six koi , they were all tosai around 18 cm -23 cm , the price was outragious , and certainly more than i have paid for some nisai , but i had to take the plunge and purchased the little sanke . Feeling very pleased with myself for blowing a whole box of budget on one little tosai i stepped back a pace , im not sure what alerted me to what was happening first , the sharp noise of cracking wood , or the seering pain that in my back side as one leg went through the filter covers all the way in untill it could go no further . i managed not to drop the camera and saw that no one laughed , that is except The breeder who thought it was hilarious and then we all joined in .After checking no bones were broken it was off or coffee and a well earnt sandwhich .After lunch it was off to Tanaka Maruju , i was a little reserved as he is not known for his nicely priced koi , in fact i havnt selected anything in there for 5 years . This time i bought a very well patterned sansai showa , i had a few reservations about some of the beni , and Tanaka said it could do with another year in the mud pond , the thought of leaving another koi in Japan was just too much to bare , so the keeping fee was paid and the koi duly bought , very pleased with this one , and even more pleased when he gave a certificate with the koi . There was some very nice priced koi there and i have to say i feel bad about avoiding the place , he will certainly be seeing me in october ! At this point the agent pointed out that i hadnt had an accident for at least 40 minutes , so why not call it a day , for once i was happy of the thought of an early bath ......................