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i can tell  the last time I spilt the blog into two parts , last night I was truly exhausted . Fell asleep at 11 and woke up at 6 , so not much chance for any work , and then the internet crashed . Its a conspiracy I yell ya !!!!!!

           So where was I , ah yes , adding the koi from Shintaro . sansai sanke , i also purchased a very nice showa , but forgot to video it , so please check the site in a while . After the videos , we will visit Maruhiro , so read right down the page .










All the rest are female .


         So we left Shintaro , and drove down the mountain to Maruhiro koi farm . I diddnt go there much on the last trip , every time we tried , he was flat out busy . So today I was hoping it was a case of being like the old days ! To be honest , I wasn't expecting much at this time of the year , but yet once again , I had underestimated Maruhiro ! As we arrived I could see him and his wife came out to great us , a cuddle from his wife , and a big handshake from him , he asked how we were , and I think he was surprised to see me so up beat , he asked what could he do to help , I gave him a list of nisai I needed , and we were off , we soon had bowl after bowl of nisai . He really had many many nice koi , of all varieties . First we choose some gin rin ki ustrui and normal ones . Nice quality and then a suprb little showa , and a very clean Kujaku . It dawned on me , I hadn't asked the prices , I asked and thought not bad , so I moaned that he was too busy last Autumn , and I needed a lot of koi , sort the price out, he said ok , but buy 40 , and he laughed , but the smile dropped when I said fine ! In fact he gave me a double take and laughed again , I diddnt , he shrugged his shoulders and ok , a deal was done . Next I selected ochiba , hard to find good ones this time of year , plenty here including some gin rins , and a bonus shusui . 40 nisai pick easy here !!!  While I was selecting out my next bowl , he disappeared , and came bag with a bag of new nisai , he put them in a separate bowl , one box he cried ! The agent laughed , he said your right m it is crazy here , but the bowl had some great gin rin chagoi , gin rin beni goi , doitsu matsuba , and a midorigoi , it was a no brainer , and other box done ! Hinori grabbed a net , and asked what I wanted next , I reeled off varieties and off he went to different ponds , and started adding to my bowl . I then selected shusui , doitsu kogani ochiba , gin rin midorigoi , aka matsuba and a nice asagi , some great koi , and we wernt still finished ! Another couple of boxes for our trade customers , and we were well through 40 nisai 30-35cm , very pleased .

        It was time to up the quality and value a little , so we soon had another bowl of much bigger nisai , all female !chagoi and gin rin chagoi 55-60cm , some ki usturi and gin rin ones , a hi usturi and two showas , all 45-50cm . Once again , the usual debate started about prices , and we wernt far apart , he looked and did the usual circular gesture , meaning I should take all , I agreed , and a fair price was agreed . Realising the bill was running up in good fashion , I packed my camera up . But my agent said what on earth is he doing now , I just laughed , and unpacked my camera . 4 sansai from the main pond were placed in front of me , hi usturi and a gin rin one , 60-65cm , a chag around 70 , and a cheeky little kogani around 55cm , once again all female ! Price was given , agreed and hands shocked , not cheap , but good quality and big , and I needed them , so pics and videos done , all packed and ready to go . Hinori was busy catching up so much bigger koi , I presume it was for his shipment he was doing when we arrived . I was almost in the car , when he shouted " GARY SAN " , and waved me back into the fish house , the agent looked at me perplexed , and said what now ?????? We came in , and he gestured to a big bowl , there was five sansai and yonsai in it . Ki usturi around 70cm , A orenji ogon superb lustre but it had a shimmy , on it , and I asked for it to be removed , he laughed and said not shimmy , its Matsuba , and lifted the koi , and showed us that the dark matsuba scaling was coming . This could be a great koi , but a gamble , and those of you know me , will not need to know if I purchased , for those who don't , of course I did lol !!!! So two yonsai around 70cm , a 70cm gin rin aka karashigoi , and a hi utsuri and a benigoi , around 65cm . This time he gave a price that was acceptable , I knew not to argue , this was his way of saying thanks for buying so many koi , I shook his hand gratefully , and said I am going , im not coming back !!!!! Well may be not for a day or two ………….lol 

     Time was running out , we visited Kawakami , we diddnt ring , just as well , there was sold signs on all the ponds except one , by then my head was spinning a little , and couldn't see anything in the water I liked . So we left and visited Sakazume , he had a few nice nisai , but none that I hadn't bought already . By now I was starting to feel very ill and sleepy . So sick in fact I thought I was coming down with something bad ! I had been drining a lot of fluids , may be I needed more . I felt uncomfatable on my neck , sure enough it was hot to the touch . I showed the agent and he said very red ! I had caught the sun a lot on the back of my head and neck , only one hour of that , and I get sunstroke . I was feeling worse , so we called it a day and headed back to the hotel . I spent half an hourgetting water into me , by the time we arrived , I was feeling better . By 11pm I was flagging and called it a night , and slept right through till 6 , so now I know , sun , wine and I sleep right through lol !  

Maruhiro nisai 35cm approx. 



Bigger , better quality nisai , all female !  45-60cm .



Sansai 60-70cm 



Yonsai and sansai 65-70cm .