Super sale for three days this week, Thursday, Friday and Saturday in our main pond, and pond 1B. The main pond has nisai , sansai and yonsai. 1B has jumbo tosai from last year from Dainichi and Ogata. All koi in these two ponds will be around half price and must be collected. These ponds are around 16-17degrees. Sorry this is only open to visitors to the shop only.
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Today I woke up with a little bit of half glass empty syndrome again Going through in my mind about costs of shipping and he price of fish , its very frustrating as im seeing what I think are very fair prices at the breeders , possibly the best ive seen in a long time , but as a lot of you will know , with the present exchange rate , its doesn't translate to that when the koi get home . So with this in mind we set off up the other side of Ojiya city to one of our favourite breeders Hosokai . This is one of my favourite farms , the breeder is so friendly and his fish are great and once again the prices are fair , even on the better quality koi . On arrival we saw that there wasn't a lot of koi  , the best pond downstairs had some nice goromo , and they were big for nisai 45-50cm , but I struggled a little with the landed price in the uk , so I passed and decided to wait until next week when he is harvesting a lot more nisai . We then went up to the higher quality nisai fish house , where once again I couldn't find anything I really liked , I wasn't too down about this , as the harvest have only just started , and im sure he will have plenty next week , and we have to revisit to see the two azuakri shiro utsuri we left with him this summer . On leaving the farm , I started to think about the koi ,  and really started to worry that this would this be a difficult trip , as I cant remember ever  leaving Hosokai without buying a single koi . Mulling this over on our way to Kaneko I was wondering if Kaneko was the best place to go , Athough I like the farm and the breeder , sometimes its a little hit and miss , you have to get the timing right , I really needed to go somewhere , where I could just get some koi in numbers , that always cheers me up ( Im a little fickle like that lol ).

So when we arrived at the farm , Kaneko greeted us at the door and I put on  my biggest Gary is happy smile . I don't know if he saw through this , but his first question was , how is business in the uk ? My little Japanese understood the response from the agent , which I cant reply on here , Kaneko said he had watched the news , and understood that it was hard for us to buy this year , then stunned me by saying , buy as much as you can , ill give you a discount to help you out . What ??? Offered a discount before we even ask , too good to be true , I wondered if we were going to be treated to elevated prices , and then discounted to normal lol ! So we went round looking at the nisai , the quality wasn't too bad at all , and a great range of varieties . He then gave us the prices , and again I was stunned , these were very fair and cheaper than the last time , he then added , bowl up the fish and ill sort the price out for you , I thought the prices he had quoted were discounted , happy days ! The cheaper pond we missed out on and started bowling between the other ponds , the first thing that really grabbed me , was the ogons , he had a round a dozen 40-45cm , and I thought I heard him say Izumiya blood line , that will do for me , until the agent laughed and said , your Japanese isn't that good yet , he said these are not Izuniya bloodline , they ARE Izumiya ogons , he bought them as tosai , quarantined them and then grew them on ! So I got the net and soon had five very nice and clean Izumiya ogons , nisai and 40-45cm ! The price was so good I didn't want to start sexing them , but had to ask , he looked and said no guarantee , but these four I think are female , this one is definitely male , " back " he asked , I said if he didn't mind , another one was caught and replaced the male one . Very happy with the five I ended up with . I am also growing a lot on from summer back in the forge  , so have a range of Izumiya ogons 35-45cm now !!!!! After that I started looking through some nice quality nisai , ending up with two gin rin matsukawabake m two nice kujaku , a really quirky gin rin kohaku , and a super rare tancho kikisui ! , the last fish might not be up to everyones taste , but I kept looking at it , and before I knew it I had bought a doitsu aka matsuba , even rarer ! By now you've probably relalised all my worries had disappeared and that yes I am very fickle , two boxes of koi can really does lift the spirit lol , so now im in the mood and we moved onto a little more expensive pond , two doitsu ochibas , a show quality beni kikokoryu , a doitsu kuajku , another better gin rin matsukawabake , a little showa with great beni and little sumi ( Kaneko sold me on it by saying Dainichi bloodline lol ) and last and not least a very nice kohaku with Momotaro bloodline , really like this ! A great end to he morning , very pleased with the koi purchased , so with that it was off to 7-11 for lunch , and then after  Maruhdo koi farm !

Yamabuki ogons from Izumiya

Nisai from Kaneko















  Last few visits at Marudo koi farm , has resulted in us getting some very good quality sanke at sensible prices , and of course plenty of Chagoi ! We started with the chagoi , this time some gin rin and normal ones around 45-50cm , very reasonable prices as well , they are mixed sex and sold as unsexed ! As we walked by some of the tanks , we saw some very high grade nisai , I looked in and just thought pass , too expensive , so we went over the other fish house , there we met our old friend from Holland Jeroen . We looked at some very big kawari goi , and I bought a 79cm doitsu chagoi , 71cm doitsu karashigoi and a 65cm yamabuki . We went back to the other fish house as I wanted to look over the go sanke we saw earlier , may be just buy one ! Jeroen came back over with us as he was looking for a male parent fish , so we both started bowling up the snake and kohaku . First kohaku came out and it was male , and what a male it was , great body shape , superb skin quality , and nice ni dan pattern . The beni was really deep and I think was by far the best koi in the pond . We got a price and it was so bad , so I carried on and soon had five very good koi in the bowl around 50-55cm . Jeroen and myself both started looking at another kohaku , it was caught up and we started arguing over ownership , Jeroen is a great friend of mine so he said " look , ill make a deal with you , if its male its mine , if its female then its yours " I laughed and told him it was fine . The breeder was called over and asked , he laughed and said female , Jeroen shook his head and then shaked my hand and said congratulations , nice koi ! A price was agreed for all six koi , and then I had bought three males and three females , by far the best koi we have purchased this week ! It was getting late , and we were all tired , so we decieded to go to Isa , and see how my two Azukari koi had come out of the mudpond , we rang as always to check if it was ok , and then went over . When we got there , the place was rammed packed with dealers from all round the world , so we made an appointment for the following day , it was getting late , and I was feeling tired , so it was time to head back to the hotel ! But as some of you have heard , that's where it all went wrong ........


Marudo chagoi 45-50cm and nisai


Doitsu chagoi , Marudo , female , gosai and 79cm


71cm doitsu karashigoi , yonsai and female



65cm yamabuki ogon , sansai and female



Male kohaku , very high quality nisai


Very high quality male nisai sanke



Marudo nisai Female kohkau NB marks by the left of the dorsal is a rub from the harvest



Female Marudo kohkau


Female Marudo kohaku


Male Marudo kohaku