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I know i keep saying i will keep this news page up to date , it does seem that every one tends to focus on social media , but for those of you who do , it seems that there are lot of you  who dont , so i will try and put more on this news section . So whats new ????? A heck of a lot , we are still buying koi to ship to our quarantine centers , and still buying koi to leave out in Japan this summer . We have now shipped twice form the south of Japan , this time Takigawa tosai and Matsue tosai and yonsai ! Also more jumbo tosai from Isa , Shintaro , Hoshikin and Torazo and mnay more . Ill catch up on here over the next few days , mean while , feast your eyes on this , my latest koi in my azukari collection . These are koi that will be left in Japan for the summer , in the breeders mudponds . This one is from the kohaku breeding genius that is Hoshikin koi farm . Female and 33cm . Cant wait to see this in the Autumn .