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Our next appointment was at Maruhiro , just a quick visit to look at some of the tosai mixes available . Afterwards we went to a little breeder we use for tosai , on the way i had that horrible feeling that i had forgot somthing , or may be left somthing behind , then it dawned on me , we had left Mark Gardener at Maruhiro , aprpently he had got chatting to someone as we had left the coffee room and we diddnt notice , sorry mark ! With mark back in the car we arrived at the next breeder , he offered us the chance to hand select tosai , although not quite the quality we were looking for , i felt that it was an offer to do what many others wouldnt let us , so a nice box was selected , we wont name the breeder here yet as he asked us not to , otherwise he would be besieged by other dealers to do the same ! Mainly kohaku and gin rin kohaku and a few others .After a bowl of curried rice and beef , it was off to Nogami to hand select some jumbo tosai The quality of his toasi were out standing , unfortuantly he had shipped some fish earlier in the week that hadnt arrived in tip top condition that he would had expected , so he thinks it was too early to ship the tosai .A real shame but you have to admire the mans honesty and integraty , he said we could hand pick in a couple of weeks time when they would be ready to ship . looks like mark gardener has got himself a little job , i suppose i should ask him first , but knowning marks love of nogamis koi it wont be a problem for him ! , and as he did a first class job at shintaros for me last year , it wont be a problem for me either ! A little journey into the mountains found us at Kaneco , here we were allowed to hand select as much tosai as we liked ,Fresso and i picked a box of larger tosai shiro utsuri , very nice quality with excellant skin quality , all around the 20cm mark . That left about 26 unwanted koi , i looked in what we had left behind and thought even these were still very nice koi , then Kaneco offered me what was left at an outragiously good price for them all i thought it would be rude to not to .Another great day , and thanks to Mark Gardener for the photos .