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Today we started out at Torazo to look at the koi we saw the night before when the light was fading . We were not disapointed , the three step kohaku was great and duly purchased , along with another kohaku both female around 50cm . Then it was over to another facility to view some more nisai , i have reserved a two step kohaku untill he harvests again during the week , sorry about the photo it was taken quickley as the fish wasnt purchased yet . Our customer then priced up two very high quality sansai kohaku , and to our surprise the better one was surprisingly cheaper , wondering where we were going wrong and what we were missing the breeder then realised we had misunderstood and had got the prices round the wrong way , koi was rapidly returned to the pond . Again the picture was taken in a hurry and we havnt purchased but i thought you might like to see. First two koi in the following pictures have been purchased , the other two are under consideration .