We still have a sale on 5 ponds in the shop. These koi are up to half price, and are not on the website, so you must visit the shop. I will try and add some offers to our face book page Gatwick koi.
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A quick drive around the corner to Connias , with tanks and tanks of many varietys , this place never fails to bring a smile . Although many many nice koi , nothing selected for our party , although a 60cm sansai maruten sanke was bowled , but the white skin was very "flat" , with the promise that this will pick up over the next few days as it had just been harvested , it may be rebowled and purchased during the week as at the price im afraid that even i cant take the breeders word and need to see this my self , everything else was fantastic , intereasting pattern , great beni and polished like sumi , fingers crossed..............Curry rice was then followed by that lovely green tea at Sakai ( hint of sarcasm ? who me ? ) It seems strange that the old man is not now running the farm , and when Rod wanted a nisai tancho showa is seemed strange being told that the son would have to give the pirce when he returned ! Things move on i guess . Kaneco was very crowded and not really what we were looking for ,we will re visit when they harvest again . Otsuka was our last port of call , a fantastic range of varietys and a box of small nisai were purchased for retail under £200 and small enough for q/tine or growing on tanks , Asagi , shusui , aka matsuba , goshiki and many others , around 23-30cm .