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With the time differance its nice to get the blog done by 12 at night here so its all ready for when you guys get home . Now reguler followers of my blog know that on every trip i have my tired day , well this was it . I was flagging at the meal and by the time i got back here to the hotel i was well and truly shattered and falling asleep . After spending over an hour doing the blog , adding the pics and video link i was proud of my self for fighting off the sleepy zone , then i decieded to have a look at how the blog looked and used the same browser without saving the page , all work lost ! So being a little angry i called it a night and slept for 6 hours straight through , and woke at 4am and decieded to give the blog another go . While on the subject of the blog i was very happy today when the website guy emailed me the stats for our website and thier is nearly a 1000 people following my insane ramblings , thank you all very much for taking the time out to read our site it means a lot to me ( now if i could just get half of you into the shop .....lol ) First stop Marudo , i needed to buy quiet alot of his chagois and karashigois , but it wasnt to be as he had only some slightly larger ones and they were more money to buy than i was selling them for last year , so unfortunatley we had to pass , i will try again later during the week and see if he has changed his mind . After this we seemed to find everything we couldnt find last year , on the way out of Marudo we found some very nice benigoi (which we couldnt buy any last year ), so i bought a couple of boxes , (rude not to ) these were really big bodied fish and will grow very big ! From here the hunt was on for some chagois so it was off to Hirasawa . He assured us that he had some in a pond where the water had obviously not seen a uv yet .So the pond was seine netted and one chagoi turned up , lots of gin rin ones , but none without gin rin . (again last year we could hardly find any gin rin chags and had loads of orders for them . ) So we bought a few of them , and then another pond was netted and again it was only gin rin ones in the pond , so again being dissapointed i needed some retail therapy so bought 3 sansai asagi instead , very pretty fish and all female and between 50-55cm . First picture Marudo benigoi , next Hirasawa chags and kigoi and asagi . last pic is the asagi from Hirasawa .