Super sale for three days this week, Thursday, Friday and Saturday in our main pond, and pond 1B. The main pond has nisai , sansai and yonsai. 1B has jumbo tosai from last year from Dainichi and Ogata. All koi in these two ponds will be around half price and must be collected. These ponds are around 16-17degrees. Sorry this is only open to visitors to the shop only.
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            I woke this morning , after quite a reasonable sleep for a first night in Japan . I woke up and finished yesterday blog , and then went downstairs for breakfast of  meatballs and salad . Seems that my giving up sugar in coffee , has started some strange health kick , also decided to bypass the bread bin for the usual round or two if toast . So feeling full of energy , and convincing my new eating was giving me super strength , that or the fact i had 6 hours sleep , i bounded into the car camera at hand , ready to take on the world , or rather Niigatas finest .

           First stop today , was Kase koi farm . World famous for his doitsu and wierd metalics . Knowing i needed some doitsu showa  , and they seemed a little thin on the ground , it was agreed that this was the best way forward . I went to the big fish house , where we had three sansai reserved for us , doistu ochiba and doitsu metalic ochiba . The sandan ochiba sold off the website in literary minutes , and im happy to say , it looks way bigger than i stated , so someone has had a bargain ! The two metalic ochiba had massive frames for doitsu , so anyone looking for something different , try these ! The farm had some very nice shiros and doitsu metalics , and the quality was very high indeed , i soon had a bowls of doitsu metalics , goshiki , few doitsu showa and a couple shiros . The quality was way better than the normal picking pond , and the price a little higher , but well worth the extra ! I had some high quality doitsu and other things for the shop , very happy !



Sansai metalic ochiba 




Nisai doitsu showa , goshiki and doitsu metalic ochiba .



Nisai metalic ochibas , around 35cm 



Kase nisai doitsu metalic ochibas around 35cm . Shiro utsuri bred from white tiger bloodline from Omosako .



             So although we diddnt find doitsu showa , in the numbers i needed , im sure you will agree that we diddnt end up to badly . This seemed to be the trait of the day , visit a breeder to find something , and find it not there , but plenty of other nice koi . Next stop was Ikarashi Oozumi , where we where looking for Kikokoryu , and other differant koi.

            At arrival at the farm , it was evident he had just done a harvest . There was fish packed in every pond , just the way we like it ! But when i say packed , it was full of every thing except kikokryu ! Well , i looked through many ponds but diddnt see any that took my fancy , and no where near the quality we purchased last year . This breeder has quite a few ponds to select through at different prices . I ventured into a pond that i havnt bought much in before , due to the fact that these style of koi , dont demand higher prices that their gosanke counter parts seem to . But as i looked i was seeing some very interesting koi , one gin rin kin showa really stood out , and i soon had it bowled up , along with some gin shiro utsuri , gin rin gin shiro utsuri , goshiki , kin showa and a nice kujaku . I soon had a bowl full of nice differant koi , very happy and around 35 -40cm , once again , not what i was looking for , but just as happy ! 

Ikarashi nisai 



A quick stop in the 7-11 , and we were off to another one of my favourite farms , Hosokai . Once again i had some koi reserved for me , a sansai tancho showa , and some nisai around 45-50m , go sanke and goshiki . So was looking forward to seeing these , and adding some female go sanke into the mix . On arrival i sw the tancho showa and the nisai and was very happy , but once again , i couldnt find what i was looking for , but once again , there was some very different examples , such as doitsu kin showa , doitsu kin ki utsuri , some kujaku , tancho showa and a doitsu gin shiro utsuri . My bag of the wierd and wonderful was well and trulely over flowing . Once yet again i was very happy with what i had bought .

Showa and goshiki nisai , approx 45-50cm . 



Sansai tancho showa , female and around 55cm . Not sure whether to ship this , or leave in Japan for a year . Please contact me if you have interest in either option . 




Nisai goshiki and doitsu kin showa .




Doitsu gin shiro , tancho showa , kujaku , doitsu kin showa and doitsu kin ki utsuri .



After vidoes and pics were done , Hosokai had a harvest of sansai coming in , so we watched them unload , there were some awsome koi , mainly go sanke and tancho sanke . We said our good byes and made our way up to mushigame , where my frieds sanke and showa had been harvest at Tanaka Maruju . They were both very good , but the sanke was something else , it has been a point of chats  on many forums on face book , due to lack of beni pattern which is easily made up for in skin , body and sumi quality . The koi has improved no end once again , more sumi though and the quality was outstanding , ive seen this kois progress over the last few years , and from wondering why the hell he bought it , to becoming one of its biggest fans ! Very pleased for the breeder and my friend . From here , we popped into Shintaro and his fish were stunning , but wasnt around so we will return . Maruhiro then called to say he had been harvesting , so we went round to see what he had . As usual , it was heaving with koi and with customers . I tried to buy some more matsuba , after the gin matsuba i posted yesterday caused a lot of interest . But alas , they were no where near as good , so i passed and put them back . I then looked around for some bigger and female koi , i bowled these two up , but the light was getting bad , so i reserved them , and will return to view them again . These pics were taken by phone just for me to think about . Both can be shipped , or left in Japan , they are sansai , female and 65cm ish , huge bodies and Hinori says they will get BIG !

Maruten sanke , i really liked this , cant wait to the see it in better lighting .


Another big framed sanke , not as high quaity as the other , but certainly as imposing .




To all those awaiting go sanke , we have two days at breeders famous for their go sanke . So more for you guys tomorrow ! Until then ...................