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World exclusive!!! === World exclusive!!! === World exclusive!!!

Was it an amazing tategoi? a show winning koi? a record breaking size chagoi? no even beter, seven hours sleep!!!!! For those of you who havnt been to Japan you will wonder what the hell im talking about, for those who have or know me must understand that I am the king of the 3am zone, that time when strong alcohol or a good book or anything will not send you to sleep, so after falling asleep at the laptop again last night at 11pm I decieded to call it a day, you can imagine my surprise when im awoke at 6.15 am, 7 whole hours sleep. I can honestly say I was ready to take on the world, let alone the breeders of Niigata. So after a hearty breakfast I really did feel on top of my game, setting out to Maradoh I felt really positive and wondered how I would feel having sleep everyday! Any way back to the koi, Maradoh is great guy who has some serious quality, his go sanke is unbelievable again this year but having filled my boots with go sanke I decided not waste his time asking prices and headed straight for the chagois, when I asked for chagois I think there was a mistake in translation before I knew it I was looking at 100 chagoi, mukashi ogon and other varietys all way over 80cm and some over 90 (and yes before you ask, there was that many, and I hear he has another hundred or so out in the mud pond). Feeling a bit embarresed I asked if he had any smaller, of course he did, 4 chagoi and karashigoi were purchsed around 52-58cm, female and nisai. Just as we were walking out he asked if I wanted any yamabuki ogons, nisai and around 25-30cm, I asked will they grow really big? the resulting laughter made me feel I said the funniest joke in japan, someone pointed behind me, you guessed it, a whole of yamabuki ogons all the 74 - 85cm. I now had to buy a box just to make me feel better. A stop at hoshikins to look at kohaku to leave out in the ponds drew our first blank as he was mesuring customers koi, and we didnt want to interupt so we had a walk across the road to dianichi, no one was there but we had a look around and it was amazing, the fish were just incredable, up to mushigame and to visit masaki, he wasnt in either so I quick peek at hiroi, sakai and miyatora resulted in no koi being found, as this may be my last day I decieded to go back to Yagenji Koi Farm, the two brothers have to be the nicest guys around, and I love thier koi and the prices are nice as well. Today we had been joined by a dutch dealer who asked for a yonsai to be bowled, and did the koi make the whole place go still, it was incredable, the whole package was superb, watch out the people in europe as this fish is staying in Japan for a few years yet and will be coming to compete, a deal was struck and the best fish I have seen this week was sold.