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As most of you know , last year we launched this new website . I have resisted adding an online shop for many years , as i have always believed that people want to touch and see dry goods in the shop , and get customer service in  which we pride ourselves in . Times change and we have many customers all over the UK , and many of you find it hard to ring the shop during working hours , so after listening to many of your thoughts , i have finally buckled and i am now ,  putting much time into getting the online shop under way . At the moment we have over 300 products on the site , but thats not even half way to being finished yet ! If you look , new products are being added virtually every day , and we hope to go online shopping within the next week or two . Until then , just ring the shop and pay by card or paypal . Thanks for your time and support , we are confident that ALL we add on the website including drums etc etc , WILL be held in stock . ( This will exclude fibreglass bay filters , due to the show in demand , but we hope the delay into stock is ony 24 hours ) . Thanks for all your support ..............Gary and Sue .