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                          Good evening and welcome to the short version of the blog . Today was the best day to start cutting back on detail , other wise , the blog would take an hour to read , and five to write lol !

Oh look , im rambling already ! Back to the koi , first stop Kaneko , to check the koi i looked at the night before . Purchased one of the best shiros , we have ever bought ! Then selected some good quality nisai . 

Next stop was to Marudo , looking for Yamabuki , only Yonsai available , so too expensive  so we went to leave , and ooooh look tanchos ...........

Added a couple of shiros to make the box up .


From Marudo onto Yamazaki , he diddnt have much in , and we were looking for smaller nisai , he had mainly sansai , so we left to look at Marasaka , nice metalics and doitsu , but couldnt make the price pay . We had been trying to get into Kanno for a couple of days , he rung us today and said he had time , and we were just around the corner , so as ive said before , timing is everything ! Famous for his Goshiki , but i also love his sanke , from Momotaro bloodline , we bought both and some more , and a stunning female kohaku !

Last box from Kanno , some stunning goshiki and gin rin goshiki , kohaku and tancho goshiki . 



Last stop of the day , Yagenji for a cup of coffee and a natter ,got my coffee  along with  a huge asagi , and a very nice doitsu karashigoi for my self !