We still have a sale on 5 ponds in the shop. These koi are up to half price, and are not on the website, so you must visit the shop. I will try and add some offers to our face book page Gatwick koi.
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Its nearing the end of our trip , as always it been very rewarding and enjoyable , and today wasnt going to change it at all ! We started our day driving away from the normal mountains , and headed in the direction of Kase . Another farm where theres always a warm welcome , and plenty to choose form .Famous for his doitsu and unusual varietys , today it was a nice surprise to find that he had gone back to breeding shiro utsuri , based on the white tiger bloodline . We started cathing up some shiros , and although they wernt high quality , they were certainly pretty enough .Soon had a few too choose from so went and picked a couple of tancho showa and one  hi utsuri which was female . Another breeder called Igarashi wasnt too far and does vey similer varietys , so we went there as he also breeds ochiba and ogons . In the nisai ponds i found myself struggling , but had a few beni kikikoryo , then saw an absolutely stunning ogon in the pond next to were i was , we got it bowled and aadded a few nisai to complete the box . Very happy as the ogon was sansai and 56cm , well pleasd ! Alot of breeders were very busy , so we decieded at 11.30 to stop for luch . Pics will follow in a while ...