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Stood out the front of the hotel and the glorious sunshine had turned to rain, not to be deterred it was into the mini bus again, this time to fukashima who has a massive range of koi to suit all budgets, and again we were not to be disappointed. 1st in the bowl was a 50cm plus female sansai hi utsuri, soon joined an izumiya female yamabuki ogon around the same size, then a fantastic bronze coloured doitsu ochiba came into my view and was very quickley bowled at nearly 65cm i still bought it even though it was male. Two of our party then bought to more of the izumiya ogons (war of the ogon goes to essex). By the way in the winter i try not to buy many male koi but if you are looking for a variety and dont mind male then contact me and ill see what i can do, there where many three year old koi between 50-63 that will land in the uk for under £695 at this guys place, just to give you some of the varietys, goshiki, kohaku, tancho sanke, goromo, ogons, showa, doitsu ogon, shusui and many others. Just email me and ill have a look for you. Just as we were about to leave a little shiro grabbed me, excellant skin and could not be left behind, happy days are here again........................then off to a serious shiro breeder whose name even i cant rememeber but when we got there most were gin rin and not what our customer was looking for. As we were on that side of town our agent suggested we go to seijero, when i was a little younger i remember buying boxes of these guys showa and they were very good. He is now really expanding his kohaku side now so not many showa around. anyway we asked the prices and i thought they were a little high, he then took us to his sansai house and i was blown away, by this time it was near dark but fell in love with these pair of showa, so i have reserved them for the weekend. Got back to the hotel and was pleased to see our next group starting to arrive, oh well a change is as good as a rest!!

hi utsuri , 3 yr and female

55cm female , sansai great looking ogon

large sansai ,doitsu ochiba