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          Over the years , i have spent many hours writing the blogs , and hope you have enjoyed them . But i have to shorten things down a little , as im almost working 18 hours a day while in Japan .

I will try and do what i can , but for now it will be where we visited and vidoes /pics of the koi . Very sorry but its just too time consuming , and looking at the stats for the website , its seems social media is more popular than blogs . So here ia where we have been today . 

       First stop Kase , lots of nie small nisai , metalics and doitsu . 27-35cm approx . 



Then it was onto Yagenji , lots of nisai and one sansai shiro utsuri 40-60cm 


Another visit to Kawakami produced more goshiki , and two stunning male Hajiro ! 


From here we visited another breeder , and bowled an exceptional shiro utsuri , more of that tomorrow , as we need to see her again in the day light !