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Sunday morning was a good chance to catch up on alot of the internet work that needed doing . Around lunchtime the weather cleared and it was time to get down to the show . Isa won the show with an amazing showa . I had a good couple of hours walking round the show and putting my terrible camera skills to use and chatting to fellow koi nuts from all around the world . I bumped into Satoshi Tanaka cooing over his vat of koi , a long discusiion then took place about how good they were , i love his gin rin showa , and before i knew what was going on i had walked head first into a sales picth ! He wasnt sure about the sex of the koi , but he guarenteed it was 100 percent male or female ! Thanks that narrowed it down a bit , he is a funny guy with a great sence of humour , and then he explained thought it was orinally female , once taken to the show he wasnt sure at all now , so he said he has a male mudpond and would put it in there . Along with the doitsu kin showa that we had already agreed to ship, a price was agreed and we know own both , along with three little chisai nisai , shusui ,kin showa , doitsu kin showa around 16cm . These are kept in a concrete pond instead of going to a mudpond and fed good colour food to finish them early for koi shows . First pic is the GC showa from Isa , next is vat from Sakai Yamamatsu . Third pic is a stunning aka matsuba , the real deal ! , the rest are all from the show and none of them are our koi except the doitsu kin showa , the gin rin showa and the three small nisai , shusui , kin showa and doistu kin showa .